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4 Best Ways To Save Moving Budget

Before starting your move, set your moving budget so you know your spending limit. Try to be specific when estimating how much you can spend on items such as boxes, tape, and even food—factor in additional expenses for hiring movers or, if necessary, a moving truck. 

Hiring a professional mover would be beneficial, especially if you are hiring a reputable company like EasyMove Services. In the long haul, hiring a professional mover can save you some bucks. Movers can load and unload your belongings fast and effectively since they have the equipment, personnel, and, most importantly, the experience needed for the job.

You are sure that your things are in safe hands. Additionally, they may pack and cushion your furniture to avoid damage during the relocation, saving you money on replacements or repairs. You’ll be less stressed and injury-free, allowing you to concentrate on other moving-related aspects.  

Mark Your Moving Budget Plan

moving budget - calendar

If you hire a professional mover, call at least six weeks to secure dates and obtain estimates, or eight weeks in advance if you plan to move during the busiest time of year, from May to early September. 

You can also choose to move off-season, which gives you a much more cost-saving advantage when selecting a schedule. Moving from late September to April is considered the off-season for moving to Australia. Aside from the possibility of lower costs, moving firms may pay you more attention during these periods because of their slower schedules. Additionally, avoid moving during morning and evening rush hour traffic on the day of your relocation to save time.

If your move doesn’t require a specific date, be flexible. If you let the moving company fit you into their schedule, you can arrange a suitable time and day for you both. You can negotiate a better cost with this, which would take up less from your moving budget.

Declutter Your Inventory

moving budget - declutter

Relocating to a new home offers a perfect opportunity to organise your belongings. Additionally, professional movers like EasyMove Services typically charge by volume. Using the volume calculator, you can see how much you’d spend and how big of a truck you’d need for your move.

In decluttering, make three piles to start with: “keep,” “donate,” and “junk.” Then, go through each room and remove anything you don’t need or haven’t used in a year. You can either donate or toss out anything that you don’t need. Sort through the boxes you haven’t opened since your last relocation and discard anything you most likely won’t need. Sell your stuff in a yard sale to add to your moving budget. If you’re feeling charitable, you can also give away tools, ornaments, sports equipment, and other things that are valuable to others.

Buy Only Necessary Packing Supplies

moving budget - packing supplies

Now that you’re done decluttering your inventory and have sorted out everything you’re moving, you know how much packing supplies you need and what kind you need for the move. But before you buy anything, ensure everything you’re buying is necessary. You can use alternatives or recycled materials such as tissue or paper shreds as a cushion for fragile objects. You can also use clothes, sheets, or towels to cover delicate objects.

Remember, not every item you’re moving needs a box. Combine small knickknacks into larger boxes to reduce the boxes you need. Designate separate boxes for anything that breaks, such as glasses, dishes, and trinkets. You may have used boxes lying around, or you can ask for some from your friends and family. 

You can opt to buy packing and moving kits offered by moving companies. They can save you some time looking for the materials, they’ve got all you need, and they’ll save you a few bucks on your moving budget.  Check out these cleaning tips to guide.

Update Your Utilities Ahead Of Time

moving budget - update your utilities

Aside from helping you move to your new home easily, updating your utility companies ahead of time can also save you a month’s worth of bills. Certain utility companies might not prorate your bill for how long you have used their service. You can be charged an entire month’s bill even if you use your internet and cable for just one week. Make a list of all the utilities for both your old and new home to maximise your time and save money on your utilities. Your utility company can help you transfer your account from one house to another. 

You can also plot your move according to your utility billing schedule. For instance, you can move on the last day of your billing schedule to ensure you maximise what you pay for, especially if the utility does not prorate your bill.

Saving your moving budget may seem tough, but a few small steps can lead to large savings when accumulated. Remember to let your moving company know of your budget range so they can negotiate plans for you.

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