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5 Easy Steps to Move A Piano

A piano is a unique piece of furniture to have in the house. Not only can it produce a great symphony, but it can also be a defining piece of your home. Moving a piano requires meticulous planning and attention to detail to guarantee the piano’s safety and everyone involved in the relocation. 

You can not simply move a piano like any other piece of furniture. Given its size and weight, you must treat it with utmost care. This guide will teach you how to move a piano safely. Hire a professional moving company like EasyMove Services for a hassle-free move of your piano. Professional movers are sure to cautiously and efficiently move your furniture to your new home; they surely know how to move a piano.

Disassemble And Wrap The Piano

move a piano: disassemble and wrap

To avoid damage while moving a piano, it must be disassembled and adequately protected before being transferred. If the piano is grand, remove all the detachable components, including the lyre, pedals, and legs. To protect each piece from knocks and impacts during transit, carefully wrap it in bubble wrap or moving blankets. Otherwise, if the piano is upright, you could go around with bubble wrap and wrapping blankets. 

Firmly fasten the wrapping blankets using packing tape to ensure that the blankets stay in place while in transit. Packing and moving kits are your best option, as they contain everything you need for your move.

Load The Piano Onto The Truck

move a piano: load onto the truck

Once the piano has been disassembled and packed, it must be loaded onto the moving truck. Be sure to check ahead with a volume calculator if your moving truck can fit your piano and any other things you may want to bring along in the moving truck. You can contact EasyMove Services and ask for the car you need for your move. 

Hiring movers will help you lift the piano to the truck. Professional movers know the proper handling and lifting procedures to ensure the safety of the people working and the piano. You may use a strong ramp or liftgate to make loading the piano onto the truck bed easier. Be sure to lift the piano from the bottom to prevent straining its fragile interior parts.

Safely Secure The Piano In Place

move a piano: secure in place

It’s imperative to carefully secure the piano on the truck once it’s in place to avoid moving around it and potentially getting damaged while in transit. To guarantee the piano stays steady and upright during the trip, secure it to the truck’s walls or floor using strong straps or ratchet tie-downs. Refrain from over-tightening the straps since this may harm the internal mechanisms or the piano’s shell.

Move It To Your New House

moa a piano: move it to your new house

Now that the piano is securely in the truck, it is time to move it to your new home. To reduce the possibility of damaging the piano, it must be transported carefully, avoiding abrupt stops, sharp curves, and uneven surfaces. As mentioned, moving a piano would need the utmost care to maintain its integrity and structure. To help unload the piano at your new home, seek help from professional movers. 

As with loading the piano, professional movers know how to unload it correctly with the right equipment. Be sure to lift and move the piano cautiously to prevent harm or injury to those moving it. As with the other steps, be cautious when unwrapping and assembling the piano once it has been set in its new place.

Unwrap And Reassemble

move a piano,moving a piano

Remember that upright pianos should be positioned against an interior wall, out of the path of air vents and the sun. It sounds best when a grand piano’s straight edge is placed against an interior wall. Like upright pianos, they should be shielded from air vents, windows, doors, and direct sunlight.

If you possess a grand piano, ensure your assistants stay long enough to disassemble and reassemble the piano; you won’t be able to accomplish this alone. Reassembling an upright piano won’t be difficult, but you could still need assistance unwrapping.

Let Only Experts Move A Piano

move a piano with experts

Moving a piano takes skill, patience, and attention to detail, but the move can go smoothly and successfully with the correct planning and safety measures. If you follow this step-by-step guide, you’ll be well-prepared to securely transport your piano to its new location and enjoy years of music-making enjoyment.

If you’re unsure of your skills, you can seek help from EasyMove Services and ask for quotes today!

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