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5 Amazing Move Clean Tips Before Moving Out

Whether you like it or not, cleaning must happen when it’s time to move. Cleaning up your old place before moving day is always the appropriate thing to do, whether out of politeness, good karma, or getting your security deposit back on a rental. Moving day is already stressful enough without having to deal with additional mess, and let’s face it, you’d prefer the area you’re moving into to be tidy as well.

Let’s first clarify the differences between a move clean and a deep clean for this post. As the name suggests, deep cleaning goes beyond just dusting and vacuuming. The key is to eliminate the deep-seated filth and grime that builds up over time in places like beneath furniture, in closets and storage rooms, and other areas frequently missed during routine cleaning.

The main goal of move-out cleaning is to give the home a new face, and it frequently entails minor repairs, wall cleaning, simple yard maintenance, and painting. Advice: It is advisable to complete a move clean one or two days following the planned move day. Large furniture and other impediments have been removed in this manner, simplifying the process overall. 

Here are five fundamental recommendations to help you plan a “move clean” effectively: 

Layout Your Move Clean Plan

move clean plan

Start as early as possible. Make a thorough list of everything you need to clean for enough time. Examine the walls, flooring, windows, fixtures, appliances, and cabinets as you move through your room, noting any maintenance needed. Places with a lot of traffic, such as restrooms and kitchens, will probably need more care.

Next, ensure ample cleaning materials, including disinfectants, sponges, scrub brushes, vacuum cleaner bags, mop, and multi-surface cleaners. It will lessen the number of times you must return to the store and allow you to concentrate more on the work. Check out this extra moving list and tips before you begin. 

Do A Little Repair

move clean repair

There is a better time to rebuild a bathroom or mend a roof. Get them fixed, though, if there are any minor dings or damage, including holes left by nails or paint chips. Verify the condition of any new additions you may have made, such as the towel hooks in the bathroom or the wall-mounted coat rack in the entry hall. One further item that is frequently disregarded is the TV mount. Ensure you have the supplies to touch the paint and fill any holes.  

In addition, many rental agreements stipulate that the apartment’s walls must be the same colour and state as when you moved in. It is something to keep in mind when painting. It usually indicates that it was formerly a dull off-white that you might have painted over as soon as you arrived. Regretfully, you will either forfeit your deposit or have to paint over any colour selections you may have made, including trim. 

Pay Attention To Details

move clean details

Make sure to open the closets, cupboards, and drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom as you clean each space. Go room by room and avoid the need to take on sporadic “bits” of cleaning in various places throughout your house. It will be a visual cue that you’ve “been there.” Prioritise one area at a time until the task is complete. It will lessen the project’s intimidating appearance. 

If you’ve ever had a car appropriately detailed, you are aware of the significant improvement in the car’s aesthetic and smell appeal. The same holds for a house. Little things like spotlessly clean baseboards, dazzling door handles, meticulously cleaned ceiling light fixtures and fans, and smudge-free switches indicate that a home has been well-maintained, respected, and loved. And isn’t it precisely what you would want the new owners of your house to feel? 

Do Not Forget The Garage and Basement

move clean garage and basement

Many individuals frequently overlook their garages and basements when undertaking a move clean. Don’t ignore these areas, and remember the proverb, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Sweep dust and cobwebs from top to bottom. Empty all trash and recyclables, sweep concrete floors, and clean storage shelves. Give more oversized items like a deep freezer or washer-dryer combo a once-over if you’re moving on. To improve the property’s curb appeal, you could also eliminate things like an outdated swing set or rusting patio furniture.  

Take A Final Walk Through

move clean final walk through

After you move clean, go around the area again and pay close attention to anything you missed. After that, inhale profoundly and praise yourself for a job well done. You merit a successful cleaning task before moving out. 

We hope your journey to finding a home is successful and uneventful, regardless of whether you choose to move alone or employ the services of a respectable professional mover like Mayflower.

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