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Excellent 5-Part Complete Moving House Checklist

A moving house checklist is a must. Moving houses, in general, can be both an exciting and daunting experience. With a whirlwind of emotions and a seemingly endless to-do list, it is inevitable for one to be overwhelmed by the thought of moving houses. 

Moving to a new location or just across town requires careful planning and organisation as packing up your life and beginning over is always challenging. Every stage of the process, from packing and organising the move to settling into your new house, is crucial to ensuring a seamless move. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through a thorough moving house checklist, divided into manageable tasks as the calendar nears D-Day for moving houses. Several guides can be browsed online so you can have a vision of your move.

Whether you’re an experienced mover or starting alone, our moving house checklist will help you turn your new house into a home sweet home by guiding you through the challenges of moving confidently and efficiently. Reach out to EasyMove Services so they can arrange your move and keep you hassle-free.

A Month Before Moving: Outline Your Moving House Checklist

moving house checklist: get working

You must get to work as early as a month before the planned moving date to ensure that you are on track. A month before moving out of your house, you should start planning the move by looking for a reliable company like EasyMove Services. Check to ensure that the company is reliable and trustworthy. 

Reading about tips on moving and packing your things can also be helpful and go a long way. You should also start buying packing kits to help you safely load and move your stuff in secure packing. You must also begin to sort the things in your house and declutter your inventory.

Here’s your moving house checklist a month before your move:

  • Plan the move
  • Start looking for a moving company
  • Buy packing materials
  • Assess how the move will go
  • Declutter your house
  • Start sorting your things

Two Weeks Before: Tell It To Everyone

moving house checklist: tell everyone

Everyone close to you or who has anything to do with the move should know about it as you’re nearing the date. By this time, your utility and insurance companies should know that you’re moving houses so they can change your address and redirect their services. You wouldn’t want a home with no electricity and water. You should also tell your friends and family about the move; they will miss you. 

Spend some of your last days with them in your town. If you’re working, you must file your leave by this time since most companies allow paid leaves given that they’re filed two weeks ahead. If you’ve chosen a moving company to help you move houses, confirm the details to ensure everything will be smooth. Consider checking with a volume calculator if the truck you’ve booked can fit your things. You can also begin packing small things that you don’t use daily.

Here’s your moving house checklist two weeks before your move:

  • Inform your utility and insurance companies of the move
  • Tell your friends and family about the move
  • File your leave at work
  • Confirm the move with your chosen company
  • Begin packing small things

One Week Before: Pack It Up

moving house checklist: pack it up

The date of the move draws nearer, and you’re all reminiscent of the memories you’ve had with your house while being excited about the future ahead of you. Be careful not to let your emotions get in the way of packing your things and preparing to move out of home. A week may seem like a long time to pack, but believe me, you’d need the week to pack everything properly. 

Don’t forget to label the boxes with their contents and the room they should go to, especially labelled boxes that contain fragile items so the movers will know how to handle them with the utmost care. Large furniture pieces like a pool table should also be disassembled and packed securely so the movers will load them into their trucks.

Here’s your moving house checklist a week before your move:

  • Pack everything into their boxes
  • Label the boxes properly
  • Mark fragile boxes as needed
  • Disassemble large furniture

D-day: Let’s Get Moving

moving house checklist: let's get moving

Finally, the day of the move has come! Wake up early to be on top of everything and ensure the move starts early. You wouldn’t want to get late into the night moving out of home. For this day, be extra sure to cross-check your moving house checklist to ensure everything is going as planned. Supervise the movers and ensure all your belongings are safely loaded in the moving truck. 

Walking through your house to ensure you’ve got everything before bidding goodbye wouldn’t hurt. When moving your valuables, keeping them with you or at least within your sight is best to ensure they will not be stolen.

Here’s your moving house checklist for your moving day:

  • Wake up early
  • Double-check every room
  • Ensure all boxes are loaded
  • Supervise the movers
  • Walk through your house and make sure nothing is left behind
  • Say goodbye to your old house
  • Move essential items and valuables with you to ensure security

Once Moved In: Home Sweet Home

moving house checklist: home sweet home

Upon moving into your new house, you can start to unpack your things to fill in the black spaces and empty cabinets. While at it, you can also check your things to ensure everything you need has been brought along. You can always trust a moving company like EasyMove Services to get everything complete and safe to your new home. 

Walking around your new home will be suitable for inspecting and ensuring every faucet and light switch works. Your new home wouldn’t look and feel so homey without things in it, so decorate it and throw a housewarming party for your family and friends to celebrate the latest milestone in your life.

  • Unpack your things
  • Check your things to see if everything is complete
  • Inspect that everything in the house is working
  • Decorate your new home
  • Host a housewarming party

It’s normal to feel a range of feelings as you move out of your home, including enthusiasm for the new chances that lie ahead and nostalgia for the memories you’re leaving behind. Suppose you adhere to our thorough checklist and approach each step patiently and persistently. In that case, you will successfully handle the logistical problems of moving and create a seamless transition that prepares the way for new beginnings. 

Enjoy every moment, explore your new surroundings, and embrace the adventure of starting over as you settle into your new home. With thorough preparation, an optimistic outlook, and the help of loved ones, your move will become a life-changing event that ushers in an exciting new chapter. Move with ease and hassle-free with EasyMove Services!

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