autumn home maintenance

5 Ways to a Comprehensive Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn home maintenance is always a nice idea!

It is a great time of the year because of everything from apple cider to pumpkin-spiced food to playing football and carving pumpkins while the dried orange leaves fall off the trees. After a scorching summer, the temperatures drop as winter comes near. Before you lay back on your couch and sip some pumpkin-spiced latte while watching the football game, you’d want to ensure your home is ready for the changing seasons and yourself. 

Look at our Autumn home maintenance guide to prepare your house and yard for the next colder months. You wouldn’t want to wait for the cold weather before moving!

Start From Inside Your Home

autumn home maintenance - start inside your home

Start from where you always are, in your home. Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning or HVAC system can be your best friend, especially during winter; it will keep you nice and warm. Check your HVAC’s air filter, replace the air conditioning filter, and remember to change the furnace filter every few months during the heating season. You can also stock up on spare air filters to change them as needed over the winter season. Don’t forget the outdoor unit of your HVAC if you have one. Check for damage and clear any debris around the unit.

Your fireplace can also keep you from freezing this winter. Clean its chimney so the debris buildup won’t be a fire hazard. Most chimney sweeps advise doing an annual sweep; however, that still depends on how frequently you use the fireplace. If you use the fireplace frequently, schedule an examination with a chimney sweeper. Find a chimney professional to clean and sweep it properly.

Check For Fire Hazards

autumn home maintenance - check for fire hazards

Speaking of autumn home maintenance, always check for fire hazards. It can be worthwhile to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms and recharge or replace your fire extinguishers.

You may also want to finish home improvement projects now, with winter just approaching. If you need space in your home to finish up some projects or don’t want to get your things covered in dust, you may consider looking for storage facilities to keep your items. EasyMove Services is here to help you move your stuff from your home to your chosen storage facility. Check out our volume calculator to see how big of a truck you’d need to move your things. You can also buy your packing kit from us; we have everything you need to pack.

Tend Your Lawn

autumn home maintenance - tend your lawn

As leaves fall on your lawn this Autumn, be sure to rake them occasionally and keep them from accumulating to keep your lawn healthy; a pileup will not let it receive the moisture and air it needs. To better take care of your lawn for winter, you should mow the grass down to about two inches to prevent snow from matting on it. Water your lawn as they need lots of water to prepare for the frozen winter. Aerate your lawn and pull out those weeds to let the micronutrients flourish, and your plants can absorb them.

Check your trees to ensure that your lawn is hazard-free for the coming winter. The winter snow may seem light, but it can get heavy once it accumulates on your trees. Cut down dead tree branches, which can snap with heavy snow and injure people.

Clean And Inspect Your Roof

autumn home maintenance - clean and inspect your roof

Clear your gutters of debris and flush your downspout out with water to remove debris caught in them. When your gutters are kept clean, rainwater can flow smoothly from your house. Clogged gutters allow water to flow into your home, sometimes leaking through the roof and into your walls and ceilings. If ignored, this dampness has the potential to promote the formation of mould quickly.

After cleaning your roof of debris, check for cracks and damage. You can fill them with silicone-based caulk for weatherproofing and to prevent the winter cold from entering your home. 

After Autumn Home Maintenance, Stock Up For Winter

After autumn home maintenance, stock up for winter

With winter right around the corner, gathering and storing things for the cold weather must be part of your autumn home maintenance. Store away things you won’t need for the cold weather, like lawnmowers and other lawn equipment. Clean those properly before storing them to keep them in good shape. Aside from cozy winter socks and hot chocolate, you better stock up on snow equipment and firewood. You need a snow shovel to clear your driveway as the snow piles up. Some road salt would also come in handy to melt snow from your driveway and keep you from accidents. Your local hardware would most likely carry your winter necessities. 

Preparing for the cold winter may seem daunting, but preparing ahead would reap benefits—a well-maintained home, peace of mind, and a cozy, warm winter in your beloved home.

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