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6 Amazing Move Management Tips

Move management is the continuous process of organising and arranging changes to the location or mode of work for an individual, a team of individuals, or the entire workforce within or between offices. You will definitely need a professional moving company like EasyMoves Services to make this transition stress-free.

Move management has traditionally involved transferring an individual from one area to another, but it can also include switching between several workplace models in the hybrid workplace. One example is transferring an individual from designated office space to a shared desk group that comprises their former office space.

Purchasing furniture or specialised equipment may occasionally require coordinating with outside vendors as part of move management. Coordinating chores with your IT department, facilities team, or even the postal office may be necessary. Several other parties will be involved, possibly including the transferred staff. There could be a series of approval levels before a move occurs or essential supplies are ready. 

Don’t worry about calculating the volume of your office supplies and packing them up—we’ve got you covered!

Although each organisation’s approach to move management varies, the underlying objectives and elements are always the same. When done correctly, it is like aligning dominoes and seeing them fall into place.

Despite its apparent simplicity, move management may be very complicated and disruptive. The proper set of procedures, instruments, and policies must be used to ensure everything runs well every time.

These are the six essentials for efficient move management from EasyMoves Services.

Do Critical Planning

move management critical planning

Scenario preparation and move management go hand in hand. Regretfully, many manufacturers divide these space management features into entirely distinct products. Planning is essential, mainly when complicated transfers and adjustments involve 100 or more workers. You want to create the most significant change, not just any old one. Scenario planning is necessary to identify the configurations that best meet your varied needs, goals, and parameters.

Centralise Communication

move management centralised communication

It’s easy for someone to work from obsolete information when coordinating a single move, especially if there are numerous email threads that not all parties can access. Miscommunication can occur even if everyone has email threads; it just takes one person to reply to the incorrect thread or to forget to reply altogether.

Only some discussions regarding a change need to include everyone. However, to prevent time wastage and issues caused by working with out-of-date information or waiting for a response that was not forwarded to the appropriate person, the portions of the conversation pertinent to all parties should be visible, current, and immediately available.

Avoid Delays

move management avoid delays

One of the most prevalent issues with an organisation’s move management process is that only a small group of people or a single person can request and facilitate moves, additions, and changes.

There are valid reasons why specific individuals should manage certain moves; for example, you might be worried about who has access to particular papers and tools or the power to authorise changes. However, relocation management consists of parts and procedures that anyone can manage, given the proper guidance. 

Keep Your Data Accurate

move management keep your data accurate

Any changes you make at work may impact several databases. You should update other systems that share employee location information, including your employee directory. However, it’s also possible that your relocation affected equipment budgets or altered your inventory. Additionally, you should ensure that the office space an employee transfers to is available and that the unoccupied one is available.

These particulars frequently need to be noticed, which poses problems later on. A worker may ask to switch to an already-occupied office space. When meeting with one another, employees could arrive at the incorrect locations. An empty office space may be tagged as unavailable, using up space until someone discovers it.

Have A Mandate

move management have a mandate

Employees will find a way to circumvent your move management procedure if possible. Some employees will always ” do things differently somewhere else” or prefer to rely on a personal connection or use their power, even if you’ve tried to make things as convenient as possible.

Your leadership team’s power and established policies must support your move management procedure. If not, your space planning teams will receive emails urging them to “just make it happen.” When people realise this is a natural way to get their hands on new desks or highly desired rooms, the onus of responsibility returns to them, and they miss out on other vital chances to maximise their workspace.

Keep Everyone Informed in the Move Management

move management keep everyone involved

Suppose employees have greater visibility into an office space’s amenities and the variables influencing their contentment. In that case, they are better equipped to make educated judgments and will be happy with the results.

People asking for relocation into workstations without the necessary equipment is not what you want to happen. Additionally, you don’t want a change to make individuals less content with their jobs. Additionally, you don’t want several employees asking for the same workstation or already occupied ones!

Your move management process becomes significantly more productive when you can provide employees with all the information currently accessible about a workstation and ensure that everyone can rely on that information to be accurate. 

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