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6 Growing Commercial Cities in Australia

Moving to commercial cities and starting a small business is challenging. The location has significantly impacted many things, such as price, talent appeal, internet quality, and small business success rates in the past. We’ve examined data from the top different Australian cities using key indicators. Our research identifies the most incredible city to start a business, which will help you choose the right place for your endeavour. Now, let’s get started!

Here is the list of top Australian commercial cities for business and profit-making, whether you’re looking to start a new venture or expand an existing one.

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commercial cities - melbourne

Melbourne is among the fast-growing commercial cities, and it is a multicultural city with a highly diverse economy, home to approximately 50% of the population born abroad. 

Melbourne is a growing centre for technological firms in digital, medical, and new energy technologies, among other fields, and provides fantastic business opportunities.

One of the simplest ways to thrive in business is to build a start-up in Melbourne. Victoria accounts for approximately 25% of Australia’s GDP, and Melbourne is the state’s commercial centre and capital.  

As the fastest-growing economic region in the world, the Asia Pacific market and consumer base are just a short distance away from Melbourne, so establishing a business there could lead to many opportunities. 


commercial cities - sydney

Sydney is home to the ASX or the Australian Securities Exchange, the Reserve Bank, Australia’s financial and manufacturing capital, start-up epicentre, and global economic gateway.

Across the city, there are countless emerging start-ups. Many tech start-ups focus on innovation culture, and Sydney ranked among the top 10 most innovative cities on the 2018 Innovation Cities Index. 

The city offers networking opportunities and events, such as StartCon, Australia’s largest start-up and growth conference, with over 2000 attendees annually. 

In addition, the New South Wales Government actively supports emerging businesses through the Sydney Start-up Hub, an innovation centre that is the first of its kind in Australia, as small to medium-sized enterprises are responsible for creating the most new jobs in the region. The project became fully operational in 2018. 

The main objectives of the Sydney Startup Hub are to support the creation of new jobs across New South Wales, enable collaboration and networking, strengthen Sydney’s start-up ecosystem, and promote diversity in the region’s start-up community by bringing together local organisations.  

The Sydney Startup Hub allows local businesses to use a 100% free Regional Landing Pad to support the start-up community. The Regional Landing Pad includes desks, meeting rooms, and a collaboration area.  


commercial cities - adelaide

Adelaide, with its plethora of chances and accessible tech resources, is one of Australia’s fastest-growing commercial cities for start-ups. 

The city boasts a thriving startup scene, primarily concentrated in the energy, food, wine, agri-tech, finance, insurance, and defence industries. As a result, it is renowned for being an innovative environment.

Through FIXE Future Industries eXchange for Entrepreneurship, the South Australian government assists regional business owners in cultivating their businesses and boosting the state’s economy. 

FIXE’s goals are to recognise and honour the accomplishments of regional business owners, provide access to top-notch instruction and training, and encourage individuals and groups to embrace entrepreneurship by arming them with the means to launch and expand a profitable venture. 


commercial cities - canberra

Canberra boasts a highly educated talent pool, a linked entrepreneurial ecosystem, and hundreds of annual business events, making it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

The Australian Capital Territory government launched the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) in 2014 to assist local business owners by connecting them with influential mentors and experts. 

CBRIN also establishes connections between the business community and the region’s educational and research institutions to encourage the creation of local jobs and boost the local economy.  

Because of this, CBRIN provides many workshops, related programs, accelerators and incubators, and much more.  


commercial cities - perth

Perth is the economic hub of Western Australia. 

Perth was listed as one of the world’s top 10 most livable cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey for 2021. Melbourne had been the top city for seven years and was placed second in 2019. 

Although they may appear to eclipse other industries, Western Australia is mainly known for being home to some of the largest iron ore mines in the world. Nevertheless, a diverse range of people and organisations are investing in tech start-ups in Perth, which has a thriving startup environment. 

Western Australia also has numerous small companies in various areas, including retail commerce, transportation, agriculture, banking and insurance services, and construction. 

A non-profit organisation called StartupWA works to advance Western Australia’s startup scene.


commercial cities - newcastle

Newcastle, which has seen a population increase throughout the Hunter Region, has been dubbed a “high growth node” for New South Wales.

Over $900 million has been invested in various asset classes, with industrial being a major focus. Additionally, regional motel and bar properties are included.

Investors have also shown interest in smaller retail, industrial, and alternative uses, such as daycare facilities and service stations, at costs of around $4 million.

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