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6 Phases of Loving A New Place

Moving to a new place is an emotional process; that much is certain. You’re not only starting over and letting go of the familiar and comfortable. Depending on your tastes, character, and the reasons behind your move, that could be scary, depressing, or thrilling. Allow EasyMove Services to join you in this journey. We have everything you need, from a volume calculator to a packing kit — we got you!

It may be one of those things simultaneously.

Falling in love and falling in love with a new place are similar. Some people need more time. Others experience love at first sight. Allow yourself to accept that this connection to your surroundings, this feeling of being at home, may develop quickly or gradually since you will know when you know.

It’s the knowledge that your home is right where it should be.

Knowing When To Go

new place - knowing when to go

Many of us have reviewed our homes in the past few years, considering whether it’s time to change scenery or downsize. Things change in relationships, too. Humans develop and evolve.

You may want something different after that.

Perhaps while on vacation, you found a new place and a more satisfying way of living. Maybe you lost someone you loved or fell in or out of love with your relationship. There might even be a baby on the way.

Your home or location may no longer fit, whether because you feel stuck or out of place, because relatives and friends who formerly supported you have moved away, or because you’re living in an unfavourable circumstance.

However, where do you even start? Assessing your priorities should come first. Make a list of the benefits and drawbacks of moving, whether your goals are to raise your children in a better school district, live closer to the seaside or mountains, or relocate from a large city to a medium-sized one.

After that, look into the states and towns that fit your criteria and take some time to explore and experience “being in” your top choices. This will allow you to experience the people and daily tempo personally. 

Embracing a New Beginning in a New Place

new place new beginning

This year could be the year you start again, the year you relocate where your body, soul, and heart are supposed to be.

Shut your eyes. Imagine, smell, hear, and almost feel it: the rush of waves, the crunch of falling leaves underfoot, the view of rolling hills from your kitchen window, and the aroma of freshly baked pies filling your log cabin home.

Setting your happiness and your human connection to a location first is crucial when your current residence no longer fulfils you, and you can make a shift. It’s true that sayings like “time flies,” “there’s no time like the present,” and “if not, now when” apply.

Take the risk; chances are you’ll be glad you did.  

Gaining A Sense of Place

gaining a sense of a new place

Long-term residents frequently find it challenging to move. There are memories you have formed. You’ve celebrated victories, laughed, and wept.

If you experience homesickness or things don’t “click” immediately, don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind that you are relocating or were moved to enhance your life in some manner.

It could take some time to create a sense of place. 

Coping with Change

coping with change in a new place

Though it’s a new beginning full of adventures, you must bid farewell to the places, people, and possessions you hold dear.

For this reason, it’s crucial to seek out new locations and activities that bring happiness. Examine the area’s parks, stores, eateries, chapels, and libraries. Explore hidden jewels by taking a new route to work or school daily.

While certain places could quickly win your heart, others might take some getting used to. It’s crucial to get out and make fresh discoveries.  

Familiarise the Place and People

familiarising a new place

Your new place will feel more familiar and cozy the more you explore it. Go on regular walks or drives and focus on the small things. As you wander through the park, note the giant oak tree on the corner, the bakery that smells like new bread, and the tweeting birds. Comfortable locations serve as anchors, guiding us and promoting familiarity.

Make an introduction to your neighbours and neighbours’ friends. Engage in discussion with people you meet in public spaces like parks, coffee shops, or places of religion. Become engaged in local clubs and organisations or join groups in your community. Building relationships with those who live nearby will feel more like home. 

See the Good in Your New Place

seeing the good in a new place

It’s easy to let your memories of your former house consume you. Try your hardest to focus on the advantages of your new surroundings—the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, the thriving scene of culture, and life’s more leisurely pace. Concentrating on the positives will improve your attitude and general mood.

Relocating to a new city might be difficult, but your new place will become charming if you have the correct attitude and give yourself enough time to get used to the change. In little time, you’ll be able to navigate the streets like a local, conversing intelligently about the past and cracking inside jokes with new acquaintances. Developing topophilia is a fascinating journey rather than a final destination. 

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