6 Surprising Moving & Packing Services By EasyMove

When I say surprising, I mean tasks that EasyMove Services (EasyMovers) can perform, but you may have thought didn’t! What do I mean by that?

Let me explain.. There is a lot of stress involved in the whole process of moving an apartment or house. You have to pack all your items, clean your old home and make arrangements for a moving truck. Here at EasyMovers, we understand that moving is more than delivering something from A to B and that’s why we provide the following services:

  • End of lease & vacate cleaning – Scrubbing, polishing, dusting, steam mopping, window washing, you name it and other cleaning including carpet steam cleaning.
  • Unwanted Furniture Disposal – we can do this for you as well, we’ll get rid of any furniture you don’t want. In fact, we combine our End of lease/Vacate cleaning & Unwanted Furniture Disposal into one bundle.
  • Piano Movers – including Grand, Baby Grand & Upright – Don’t try to do this yourself! EasyMovers are experts at moving and packing all types of pianos with care. And we’re also fully insured for moving your precious cargo as well! Musicians & “Piano Men” Elton John & Billy Joel would be proud! Did you know, that Elton & Billy are one of the most successful duos in pop music – to have toured together periodically for 16 years?
  • Pool & Billiards Table Movers – Like the piano, pool & billiards tables are extremely heavy & need to be handled with extreme care. Don’t break your back, by attempting to do this on your own.
  • Furniture Packing & Assembly – Yes, you can throw away that Allen key! No more parts, screws and odd pieces left lying around once you’ve assembled that book shelf. Why? Because EasyMovers provides this service: Packing, furniture disassembly & assembly is included in our hourly rate at no additional cost.
  • Packing & Moving Kit* – EasyMovers provide a standard packing kit at a fixed price that includes ‘tea-chest’, port-a-robe, wine boxes, a sofa & a mattress protector, tape gun, butcher paper, fragile stickers & a permanent marker.

We’re only scratching the surface of all that EasyMovers can do for you. EasyMovers can also provide other moving, packing, storage, disposal & niche relocation services, which we’ll explore in other posts. And we’re also completely insured for your prized musical instruments and other unique pieces, like your pool & billiards table and arcade machine, plus more.

EasyMovers have easily established their company as the benchmark of the moving industry, with all the services that they offer, today and will offer going into tomorrow. So, only one name should come to mind when you’re looking for a removalist company that delivers: EasyMove Services.

Give them a call, today!

* Packing & Moving Kit includes: A T.V. box with inserts, ten ‘Tea-Chest’ boxes, a sofa & mattress protectors, two port-a-robe boxes, a wine box, tape gun, butcher paper, four fragile stickers and a permanent marker. Any additional materials will incur an extra charge.

Moving & packing services provided by EasyMove Services are too numerous to count.  Here's an introduction to six!
6 ‘Surprising’ Moving & Packing
Services By EasyMove

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