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9 Best Decluttering Tips

Decluttering before a move? You’re in the right place!

Moving involves numerous tasks, such as decluttering, packing, transferring utility bills and changing addresses. Additionally, clearing up and decluttering before moving is a duty many house movers take. There’s never a better moment to declutter your home than going through things to pack them for a fresh start.

However, planning a house move is stressful in and of itself, as anyone who has recently moved will attest. Add in a decluttering mission, and the stress level rises even further. So, how can you use the chance to declutter during a move without getting overwhelmed? Let’s talk about organising and decluttering tips to learn the best ways to declutter before moving.

Find Your Decluttering Motivation

decluttering tips - find your motivation

It’s okay to require a little inspiration or encouragement to get ready because decluttering may be intensely emotional and daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. Tell yourself how wonderful it will feel to declutter your things, save money, earn a little, and begin anew in your new area. It will surprise you how wonderful it feels to rid your home and yourself of items that are no longer necessary. 

Move Ahead

decluttering tips - move ahead

Gathering the utensils, linens, pictures, and equipment that fill your home has taken a lifetime. Sorting through them and selecting which ones to keep will take time.

You can take it slow if you get started early. It’s physically demanding, but it also drains you emotionally. It’s like seeing your entire life flash before your eyes.

Getting a head start will allow you to carefully sift through items and select what to pack, throw, or donate. Decluttering can take several weeks or more. You better move ahead.

Start Easy

decluttering tips - start easy

Refrain from decluttering by looking through collections, souvenirs, or photos. It could cause you to feel overwhelmed since you’ll spend more time browsing over priceless objects and find it more challenging to decide what to do with items associated with intense feelings and memories. Instead, begin by making the most straightforward choices.

The “first pass” is this. You’ll go through that room one or two more times to determine how much you need to carry to your next house.

You’ll feel so much better about yourself after getting rid of things like soiled, ill-fitting clothes, outdated utility bills, and expired food. It will also inspire you to keep going. 

Learn To Let Go

decluttering tips - learn to let go

You should be wise and deliberate about what you bring to your new house because moving can be expensive and time-consuming. You’ll avoid the headache of paying to move furniture into an unsuitable place by planning how you want to arrange the new area before moving in and taking your time to determine whether and how your belongings will fit in your new house.

Consider this now to avoid any headaches later on because you’ll need to eliminate anything that doesn’t fit your needs or function in the new area.

Think Of Your Life Ahead

decluttering tips - think of your life ahead

Consider and list the activities you would like the new area to accommodate: preparing meals and serving a set number of guests, exercising or stretching, meditating and praying, housing overnight guests, relaxing and watching movies, hosting theatrical performances for children, arts and crafts, etc.

Consider how your lifestyle will alter in your new location as well. You might spend a significant amount of time going out, travelling, spending time with children, working, being outside, etc. Think of the activities you want to perform there, how you want to move through it, and the atmosphere you want to create—energetic, motivating, peaceful and comforting.

Go Easy On Yourself

decluttering tips - go easy on yourself

It can be difficult to force oneself to part with something before a significant move, particularly if you’re unsure if you’ll use it in your new home. Take that strain off. Take everything with you if you genuinely feel that getting rid of something before you move hurts you.

Unpacking your belongings in a new location could give you a fresh perspective on whether or not to keep them.

Make A List

decluttering tips - make a list

Make a list of every piece of furniture you currently own, including its measurements and the categories under which it falls. Taking note of items that are bulkier and potentially difficult to store, such as numerous suitcases, athletic equipment, sizable book collections, etc., can motivate you to begin determining not only what will fit in your new place but also how you will arrange your belongings there. You might need to restructure or get rid of something if you are still looking for a place for it in your new house.

Plan Out And Calculate

decluttering tips - plan out and calculate

Calculate the volume of your items. Take an excellent 25-foot tape measure to the new location and mark the furniture arrangement. It will help you determine which items to sell, donate, or give away before moving. This phase allows you to measure the area to buy the appropriate size for the new room and also helps you see what else you might need.

To plan where your belongings will go, note any built-in storage and closets in the new area. Now is a beautiful time to determine what needs to be added to the closets, such as shelves or bins, or remodelled. Remember to measure things before you buy them.

You don’t have to figure everything out in advance; eventually, whatever you own will need a new place in your house. Ideally, you will have a clear concept of how the new area will be organised—typically, you will work out around 80% of the details before moving in.

Call The Experts!

decluttering and moving experts - EasyMove Services

On your own, decluttering might be challenging.

It could be time to choose and hire among seasoned moving companies focusing on move management when everything gets too much to handle.

To prepare for the big day, EasyMove Services may assist you in creating a relocating timeline and achieving your goals. They’ll help you decide what to keep, throw out, or donate.

Packing, unpacking, and settling into your new house will be less stressful if you make more effort to declutter before the movers arrive.

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