Can I move during Stage 4 Lockdown

Can I Move During Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne ?

With the latest stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, this has caused a tremendous amount of uncertainty for those who are planning on moving soon. If you have an upcoming move, you will be anxious to know whether moving house is allowed during the Melbourne lockdown. The most common question we are getting asked lately is ‘can I move during stage 4 lockdown?’. The answer is yes; you absolutely can!

EasyMove would like to assure you that we are removalists with a Covid safe plan who will do everything in our power to make the process as safe and straightforward as possible. We are considered essential workers, so we are still able to help you move during this time.

Can I Move During Stage 4 Lockdown?

Moving house in the stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne is definitely allowed. If your previous dwelling is no longer available to you to live in, such as if you have sold your house, then you are allowed to move to a new location. You can also move outside of Melbourne thanks to the rule stating that you can exit a restricted area if you are moving to a permanent new residence. *Conditions Apply*

Melbourne Lockdown Moving Restrictions

Right now, restrictions are at stage 4 for the metro Victoria area and stage 3 for regional areas. While this lockdown is expected to lift soon, there is a possibility of it being extended or occurring again in future. In this scenario, similar Melbourne lockdown moving restrictions are likely to apply. To find out more about the current restrictions in place, you can visit Victoria’s official Coronavirus website.

Can I Move House Safely During Coronavirus?

Moving house during the lockdown in Victoria can undoubtedly be done safely if you hire removalists with a Covid-safe plan. Your movers will be required to follow all of the guidelines released for moving, so they will need to be highly familiar with these. As premium removalists, Easymove pride ourselves on keeping up with all of the latest guidelines released by the government so that we can keep you as safe as possible.

Here at EasyMove, we are working behind the scenes to ensure that we are fully compliant with all health recommendations so that you can move house during the Melbourne lockdown. We put your health first, which is why we are so cautious about doing everything we can to provide safe moving services. We are still fully open and operating so that our customers can move house quickly and safely during this time.

What Precautions are We Taking?

Easymove are taking numerous precautions to keep you safe. We are currently wearing gloves and face masks during every single move. We also regularly disinfect our vehicles, premises, and equipment on a daily basis. We do, of course, ask that if any of our staff feel unwell that they stay home and get a Covid test. They are not to return to work until they are feeling better and have received a negative test result.

What Precautions Should I Take?

Here at EasyMove, we are doing our bit to keep you safe, and we only ask that you do your part to keep us safe as well. If you feel at all unwell, then please let us know immediately, even if it is after your move. Please also let us know if anyone close to you comes down with symptoms or returns a positive Covid test.

We do ask that you wear a mask and gloves while you pack and also sanitise anything we will touch. Try to put the boxes in one room if you can so that we can come in and out while not getting too close to you and breaking social distancing protocols.

Can I Pack Up My Own House?

We fully understand that during this time, you may not want professional movers to touch your belongings. For extra peace of mind, you can pack your own boxes, and we can simply move them for you. This minimises the amount of contact we will have with the actual items. We do take great care to sanitise thoroughly and often to reduce the chances of our movers transmitting anything to your family. Along with keeping unwell staff away from work and waiting until they have a Covid test to come back, you can be sure that we’ll get you moved safely.

Is Moving House in the Stage 4 Lockdown Melbourne a Good Idea?

The reality is that many of our customers have already committed to moving. That means that you have sold your house or given up your lease and taken on a new one. This is precisely the scenario in which you are allowed to move house during the Melbourne lockdown. If you can do so safely, while minimising the risk of transmission for yourself and others, then you can proceed with your move. There is no need to worry, as we will do everything we can to make this move as smooth as possible for you and get you safely into your new residence.

Here at EasyMove, we are committed to helping those who need to move during this lockdown. As removalists with a Covid safe plan, we are fully confident that we can do so in a responsible way. We are following all social distancing measures and other recommendations provided by the government. Moving during this time is not reckless, but necessary for many of our valued customers. So, the answer to the question ‘can I move during stage 4 lockdown?’ is yes – with our help. Contact us now to find out more about booking in your move.

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