Move during the Melbourne lockdown

Can I Move During the Melbourne Lockdown?

While those living in Melbourne have already dealt with so many restrictions due to Covid, this week, for the sixth time, Melbourne is heading back into lockdown. If you had planned to move during the Melbourne lockdown period, you’ll have been put into a tailspin, wondering whether you’re allowed to move and trying to come up with a solution! So, what does this mean for those who had plans to move? Can you move during the 7-day Melbourne lockdown? Yes, you probably can!

EasyMove is here to support anyone who has to move at this stressful time. We are removalists with a Covid-safe plan who are ready to help you shift house if required. Don’t stress about how you’ll move during the Melbourne lockdown – we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find the answers to all your FAQs about moving house while adhering to the Melbourne lockdown rules.

Can I Move House During Stage 4 Lockdown Melbourne?

Yes, you are allowed to move during the Melbourne lockdown as long as your situation meets specific guidelines. For example, if you cannot live in the home you are living in now because you have sold it or the lease has ended, then you are allowed to move to your new place.

Conditions apply, and make sure that you always follow the official guidance to the letter.

Can I Pack My Own Boxes?

While EasyMove does offer packing services, it’s understandable that you may not want strangers touching your items right now. We sanitise, wear gloves, and follow every precaution when packing up your belongings. However, if you want to be extra careful, you are welcome to pack your own boxes.

We can simply come and pick them up for you before stacking them in the van and transporting them to your new home. This way, we will touch barely any of your items, maybe just the heavy pieces of furniture (with gloves on). Rest assured that we do all we can to reduce the chance of transmission.

Can I Move Interstate During Coronavirus Australia?

Yes, you are allowed to move interstate. You are allowed to move outside of Melbourne if the place you are going to is where you plan to live going forward. Always follow the Stay at Home Directions put out by the Victoria government.

Can Friends and Family Help Me Move During the Melbourne Lockdown?

No, friends and family are not permitted to help you move during the Melbourne lockdown. Only Covid-safe removalists are allowed to help people move. If your moving date is set for a time when the Melbourne lockdown rules are in effect, you will need to do it alone or hire movers.

Is Moving House During Melbourne Lockdown Safe?

Yes, you can move safely during the Melbourne lockdown with the assistance of removalists with a Covid-safe plan, like us here at Easymove. We take care to follow every guideline issued to get you moved safely and minimise any risk while doing so.

Our team of experienced movers is highly familiar with all of the relevant rules and best practices for moving Melbourne residents safely. Your health is our number one priority, so we operate cautiously during these times.

We believe that it is necessary that we remain working so that no one gets stuck having to move without assistance.

Precautions for Moving During the Melbourne Lockdown

EasyMove has implemented numerous precautions designed to keep our customers and their families safe. Our moving team wear masks and gloves the entire time they are helping you move. We are also consistently disinfecting our equipment, vehicles, and premises to keep them free of germs.

If any of our staff happen to feel unwell, we do not allow them to come to work, as per the Melbourne lockdown rules. They get a Covid test and cannot begin working again until they have a negative result and have recovered.

We work hard to keep you safe, and we only ask that you do the same for us. If you feel unwell, please get a Covid test and notify us, even if it’s after we’ve helped you move. You also need to inform us if a close contact of yours gets Covid or Covid-like symptoms.

Please wear gloves and a mask while you are packing up your home. After we leave, sanitise anything we have touched. It also helps if you can stack up your boxes in one room to minimise the space we need to enter to complete your move. This also enables us to adhere to social distancing protocols more easily.

Is it a Good Idea to Move House During the Melbourne Lockdown?

If you’re reading this article, you have likely already committed to moving. Whether it’s because your lease will end during the lockdown or you’ve sold your house, you have no choice but to move. If you are in this situation, you are fully allowed to move according to the Melbourne lockdown rules.

If you can manage to shift to a new place safely and not take risks that could cause transmission of the virus, then it’s fine to go ahead with moving. We are here to help make it easy for you to move without the worry of transmitting Covid.

EasyMove wants to help you to move responsibly according to the Melbourne lockdown rules. We are removalists with a Covid-safe plan who are up to date on the current guidelines and best ways to stay safe. We take care to implement social distancing policies to keep you safe.

We know that many of you have no choice but to move during this lockdown, so if you call and ask us, ‘can I move during the Melbourne lockdown?’ the answer is yes, and we’d love to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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