How to Choose A Removal Company in Melbourne

If you’re moving house soon, you’ll be interested in how to choose a removal company in Melbourne. From packing to heavy lifting, going through premium removalists can help make moving a breeze. There is no need for moving to be the super stressful time that many people experience. Instead, find some premium removalists you can trust to move your belongings with no damage and no hassle.


The first thing you need to check out when you’re interested in using luxury movers is to see what their feedback is like. Take a look at what feedback they have online, whether that’s on their website, Google listing, or other review sites. The more positive feedback, the better! When you’re paying for premium removalists, you want to make sure that you’re going to get premium service.

Taking a look at the reviews for the company you’re considering can offer you some peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your belongings.


Many premium removalists will offer complete packing services for your impending move. Rather than spending weeks wrapping, taping, and packing your belongings, you can instead just leave it all to professional moving services.

On the day, Easymove will come along and securely pack up your belongings to ensure there is no breakage and then move them for you. We will spend the hours required meticulously placing everything in boxes, labelling, and categorizing.

Moving has never been easier than with our help and all this leaves you to do is enjoy unpacking at your brand new home!

Packing Kit Available

There’s no need to go beg and borrow boxes from the supermarket or your neighbours anymore! Say goodbye to using a million carry bags and carrying things without boxes when you choose professional moving services.

If you do decide that you want to pack up your house yourself, Easymove are luxury movers, so we provide packing kits. Grab one of these up to a week before your moving day and fill them up with your stuff.

Furniture Wrapping

When we move your belongings, we treat them as our own. That means we will take care to make sure that they arrive at your new home in exactly the condition they were before they were moved.

We cover every corner, surface, and edge so that your possessions don’t rattle around and scratch or cause damage to each other. We provide complimentary rolls of shrink wrap so that we can cover every inch that needs covering. We will also bring along some furniture blankets on the day to go between pieces of furniture, so they won’t scrape on each other.

Enjoy the feeling of being able to relax without worrying about damage to your furniture and save your energy for setting up your new place.

Complimentary Furniture Assembly

No one enjoys putting together flat-pack furniture, and let’s be honest, you’ve lost the instructions by now. So, if you have had to painstakingly deconstruct your flat pack furniture so that it can be moved, putting it back together after the move can be a massive inconvenience.

It was hard enough putting together that Ikea dresser the first time, so let us put it back together for you! Easymove’s incredible services include complimentary furniture assembly. Pay just the standard hourly cost with no extra charge for us to put your furniture put back together just as you like it.

Contactless Moving Services

In the current climate, moving can be stressful. We’re not supposed to break social distancing rules, so you may be wondering how this works if you have to move to a new house. Never fear, that’s why we as luxury movers offer contactless moving services.

Before the big day, pack up your belongings and label everything. Provide us with a list of what we need to move by emailing it through to us ahead of time. Then on the day, we will know in advance what we are moving and any requirements you have.

To ensure that we adhere to social distancing practices, we can come to your house at an arranged time when you won’t be home to pick up everything.

We’ll call you when we arrive at your new place to drop it off so you can ask any questions you may have. That way you will know when we’re done so you can come back at the right time.

That’s it! We can do an entire moving process without ever having to interact with you in person. These contactless moving services help us to can reduce the risk of spreading Covid 19 through adhering to the optimal safety procedures. As long as you clean your belongings before and after the move, this is the ideal way to stay safe.

Easymove – the Trustworthy Removal Company in Melbourne

Looking removalists Melbourne? You can’t go past Easymove. There is a reason why our customers leave us such fantastic reviews. We are a family-owned removal company in Melbourne who put our heart and soul into every job we complete. Let our family help yours!

We started out doing removals with just a Holden Ute, doing only small deliveries and pickups around Melbourne. Since then, we have slowly but surely built up our offerings to become the luxury movers you know today.

It is our humble beginnings that keep us in touch with what families need in a mover. Now, with the aid of our 5-tonne trucks, we can move anything from pianos to pool tables, and more! Contact us today to discuss your moving needs.

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