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Decorating Your New House – and 1 Surprising Design Rule!

If you’re moving house soon, you are sure to have lots of plans in mind for your new space. You’ll be sorting out who’s going to be in which room, what you’re going to do with the garden, and how you’re going to move in all of your belongings. The last but most exciting phase you’ll go through is completing the interior design for your new space. If you’re a person with a keen eye for aesthetics, you’ll be looking forward to getting through all the moving logistics and onto decorating your new house.

Consider the Space

It’s best to leave any design planning until you have actually moved into your new house. That way, you can get a feel for the space and see how your current furniture looks in the rooms. This will enable you to get a better idea of what you may need to purchase and which of the pieces you already own work well in the space. You might find that what you have is enough, or you need different items.

The next thing to think about is the size of the rooms. You don’t want to buy too many things or put up busy wallpaper in small rooms, as this will make the place look cluttered. If you have a larger home, you can get away with some more intricate patterns and a few extra pieces of furniture without taking away from the beauty of your home.

Make the Living Area Cosy

When shifting the living room furniture around, most people will centre the room around the TV. After all, you want to be able to see the TV from the couch. However, this makes the television the central focus of the room – wouldn’t you prefer that the lounge was set up as a place to chat and connect with friends and family?

That’s why we recommend centring your lounge around a fireplace if you have one. Or, if you have a remarkable view, why not arrange your furniture so that you can fully appreciate the landscape? Either way, make sure that you place the couches and chairs in positions that allow people to see and chat with each other. You could have a line of sofas facing a TV, but that’s not particularly social, nor is it good interior design.

Choosing Curtains

While it may be tempting to buy some brightly coloured curtains, the Australian sun is harsh on fabrics, causing them to fade over time. Both bright or dark curtains can fade very quickly, depending on the area you live in and which side of the house they are on.

If you select pale-coloured curtains, these will look better for much longer. Even if they fade a little, it’s not likely to be noticeable as they are pale to begin with. Choose materials such as silk blends, linen, or cotton, as these hang well and will look stunning in your new home.

Hang Some Mirrors

Mirrors are a great decorating option in any home, as they can make the rooms feel larger due to their reflective qualities. Additionally, they reflect light, which can increase the amount of light in the room they are hung in. Find ones with interesting frames that fit in with your aesthetic so that they become an eye-catching part of your interior design. If you want to buy your mirrors before you move in, just make sure that you hire luxury movers to ensure they arrive at your new home in one piece.

Update Small Features

If the place you’re moving into has seen better days, even small changes can give it a whole new look. For example, replacing the cupboard handles in the kitchen with shiny new silver or gold finishings can make a world of difference to how modern the entire room looks.

A lick of paint here and there can go a long way as well, so consider painting cupboards and walls to make them look fresh and new.

One Surprising Design Rule

If you’re wondering how many colours it’s appropriate to have in a room, we’ve got a handy rule for you; 60-30-10. As in, 60% of one colour, 30% of a secondary colour, and 10% of an accent colour.

What this means is that the brunt of your room should be one colour, let’s say off-white. Paint your walls this colour and find some finishing touches to match. 30% could be eggshell blue, so you could buy your couch in this colour, or find a lovely tablecloth or rug which are this shade. Then 10% is your accent colour. This should be the most attention-grabbing colour in the room, so save it for your darkest or brightest shade. In this scenario, you may opt for a navy tone and find throw rugs, cushions, and a vase in this shade. Voila, your home will look like it was decorated by professionals!

Colour combos for the 60-30-10 rule that we love are:

  • white, grey, and red
  • navy, white, and red
  • grey, white, and pink

Need Help Moving in Before Decorating Your New House?

If you’re more excited about decorating your new house than the actual move itself, why not leave it to the experts? EasyMove are luxury movers that can take care of every aspect of your move for you. We are a Melbourne moving company with a difference, as we do it all from packing up your home to lifting and shifting the boxes and furniture and dropping it all at your new place. We’ll even go back and complete your end of lease clean for you. That way, you can just head off to your new property and start thinking about how you want to decorate it! Contact us today to discuss how we can help make moving easier for you.

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