The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing

When you’re downsizing to a smaller home, you will no doubt need to get rid of some items. However, it can be tough to sift through everything and decide what you no longer need. The process often brings up memories as we have a lot of sentiment attached to our items. Whether you’re downsizing due to retirement, moving to an apartment, or another reason, this article is intended to help you discern what you should keep, store, or get rid of.

Top Tips for Downsizing

Pack Early

Going through your possessions can seem like a mammoth task before you begin. For that reason, we recommend that you start packing early and take this chance to sort through your possessions as you go.

That way, you will ensure that you don’t pack anything you won’t need at your new home. Make the process less overwhelming by tackling downsizing one box at a time.

Instead of packing by just throwing everything into boxes, take the time as you go to carefully consider whether you have used this item recently or will do so in your new house.

Consider How Your Life Will Change

Life changes can mean that the time we need certain things has passed. For example, if you’re downsizing because your children have left home, and you still have a lot of their stuff – get them to store it themselves! They might want you to hang onto their old bed for sentimental reasons, but their kindergarten paintings are even more sentimental and take up way less space.

Or, if you’re moving from a coastal area to central Melbourne, it might be time to give up your surfboard, paddleboard, and other beach equipment. So, take the time to think about how this move will change your lifestyle, and consider storing or getting rid of items you will no longer use.

Get a Friend to Help

It can be hard to be completely objective when decluttering your possessions. Get a friend to help you with anything you’re indecisive about. They will understand that you need to hold onto sentimental things but be far more detached when it comes to deciding that you should give away the waffle maker you’ve literally never used!

Keep, Store, or Get Rid Of?

The things that you will hold onto, donate, or put into storage will depend entirely on your unique lifestyle. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


When considering whether to hold onto an item and bring it with you to your new house, there are a few elements that will factor into your decision. The most important is whether you use it, and if you do, then how often.

Start with easy decisions – belongings that see daily use, such as your toaster and kettle, will obviously come along with you.

Other items you will want to hold onto but don’t use all the time might include gardening equipment, spare linen and towels, and tools. These are the types of things that you may not use consistently but are useful to have around when you need them.


If there are sentimental keepsakes that you just can’t bear to part with – don’t! Organise self-storage in Melbourne and hold onto your most treasured possessions without taking up precious space in your home.

Seasonal equipment can also be put into self-storage in Melbourne. Things that you don’t use year-round, such as kayaks, camping equipment, or even your slow cooker, can be placed in a storage facility to be accessed when you need it.

This is the ideal solution for those who are worried about moving into a smaller property because they don’t want to give up their lifestyle or their possessions!

Get Rid Of

Now, take stock of your home and think about which items aren’t working properly or you have been wanting to replace. The best time to make upgrades to furniture and possessions is after you move. That way, you know that the new items will perfectly fit into the space and décor of your new property.

Go through your kitchen and find all of the duplicates you have. Most people collect plenty of mismatched crockery over time, ending up with 20 or more plates, mugs, and teaspoons. Decide how many of each item you need and only keep that many!

If you’re packing and come across an item you forgot you owned; it’s likely that you can get rid of it! This might include clothes that don’t fit right, old school uniforms, cake tins, books, and more.

By the way, when we say get rid of stuff, we don’t mean chuck it in the bin. Always donate things instead of throwing them away when you can! Charities are always seeking things like kitchen items, furniture, and clothing. Only throw things away when something is irreparably broken, or no one else will want it.

Get Help with Moving and Self-Storage in Melbourne

If you hate moving house and you’re dreading moving day, it’s likely because you’ve never had reliable, efficient movers before. Book in with EasyMove, and your upcoming shift to a smaller place will be a breeze.

We aim to provide professional moving services alongside optional extras like packing, end of lease cleans, and furniture assembly. These help to make moving a much easier process for those with little time or inclination to do it themselves!

Even better, for those who won’t have room for everything at their new place, we can find you an option for self-storage in Melbourne. Then, when we grab everything else to move to the new house, we’ll also pick up the items going to storage and drop them off at the facility for you.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your upcoming move. Whether it’s moving within Melbourne or out of state, no move is too big or too small for us to complete.

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