Easymove Services Introduces 2 Powerful Calculators You Can’t Move Without!

Today, we’re talking about one of two practical calculators that we have on the EasyMove Services (EMS) website. The ‘Local & Regional Jobs – Quote Calculator’ will deliver an estimated dollar quote to transform your big move into a hassle-free easy move.

This powerful tool will also provide you with many flexible options.. and will make it so much easier to organise both the time and the budget that you have available.. for your move.. and as I mentioned above – you will find the Quote Calculator on our website.

The EasyMove Services Local & Regional Jobs – Quote Calculator

Organised into three tiers of:

1) Standard Rates – There’s a Base Hourly Rate of $169 for a 2.5 Hours Minimum and the time goes up – in increments of 15 minutes. This rate also includes a large 22 cubic metre truck and two experienced movers who will also pack and assemble furniture at no additional cost.

The way we have structured our charges here represents great value for money for you! Let me explain – because our rates are divided into 15 minutes – you’re only having to pay for 15 minutes each time.. not the full hour!

2) Additional Services – Now here’s where you have the choice to hire one or two more Additional Movers, on top of the two you already will have in the basic package at the Base Hourly Rate. The calculator also specifies the Hourly rate of your selection. You can also choose the Truck Size here, either the 22 Cubic Metres which is the default of the basic package at no additional charge above the Base Hourly Rate, or the larger 36 Cubic Metres. Again, the calculator specifies the Hourly rate.

3) Optional Add-Ons – Includes Stairs Charges and a Weekend/Holiday Surcharge. From No Stairs (lucky you!) to 10 Flight Of Stairs are your selections here.. and that should include the total flights – of where you’re moving from to where you’re moving to. A flight is a stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing to the next. The Stairs Charges start from 1 Flight Of Stair and go up in even increments to the maximum of 10 Flight Of Stairs.

The Weekend/Holiday Surcharge is self-explanatory.. if you’re moving on the weekend i.e. Saturday or Sunday or a Public Holiday, that’s where the surcharge of 9.5% applies.

Our next post will delve into the detail of the other powerful calculator you can’t move without and that is the Furniture Volume Calculator. Just to remind you, both the Local & Regional Jobs – Quote Calculator and the Furniture Volume Calculator are found on the EMS website. Both of these handy calculators are only some of the unique features that you get when using EMS – and I will talk about our other features and how they will benefit you and your big move, going forward.

You can contact us via our website, phone, or email. As our name promises, EMS offers an easy move, so get in touch, today!

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EasyMove Services – Local & Regional Jobs – Quote Calculator

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