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How to Plan an Epic Eco-Friendly Move

As we all know, now more than ever, we must do better at taking care of the planet. That’s why more and more people are turning towards sustainable solutions for their everyday needs; swapping out plastic bags for reusable ones and using glass takeaway coffee cups instead of disposable options.

When you’re moving house, however, there are plenty of pitfalls where the easy option is to use things that aren’t great for the environment. Planning an eco-friendly move requires a bit more planning and forethought, but it is possible.

If you’re planning on moving soon, but you’re concerned about the impact on the environment, we have some advice for you!

Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly Move

Gather Reusable Packing Supplies

Packing supplies don’t have to be disposable. Instead of using bubble wrap to pack your delicate crockery and fragile items, you could consider wrapping them in tea towels, clothing, or your linens. This offers a much more sustainable solution for keeping your possessions safe, and you’ll pack two things at once!

If you choose Easymove for your professional moving services, we can also provide packing boxes that will be reused by other customers after you. Eventually, when they are too tattered to use again, we recycle them. This helps to create as little waste as possible while still offering you sturdy cardboard boxes to pack your belongings in.

Don’t forget that if you do need to buy some packing supplies, there are often biodegradable options these days. Choosing these will be much better for achieving an eco-friendly move.

Find Alternatives to Boxes

You can pack up your clothes and non-breakable items in almost anything. By using things you already have around your home, you can save yourself from using a lot of boxes. For example, you might remove the drawers from your dresser but keep the clothes in them, so you don’t need to transfer them to a box. Just put a reusable bag over it so they can’t fall out.

You could also fill up your suitcases and any empty containers with clothes and other items. Any type of vessel can be turned into a place to pack things!

Declutter and Donate

If you have been a victim of fast fashion or simply own more than you need, it’s time to have a clear out. Donate or sell any unwanted furniture, clothing that no longer fits, or anything that you don’t use. This means that these goods will gain a second life instead of ending up in the landfill. Plus, the fewer items you need to pack, the fewer packing materials you’ll need. The moving truck will also burn less fuel if the load is lighter.

Clearing Out the Fridge

Many families don’t remember to clear out the fridge until moving day, so a lot of good produce and other refrigerated items can end up in the rubbish bin. First of all, try to eat what you’ve got in the week before moving, so you don’t have much food left to shift on the day. If you do forget or have leftover food, ask your neighbours if they want it. That way, you know that it won’t go to waste. Finally, grab an esky and some ice packs and bring the food with you if you need to!

Recycle Instead of Discard

Remember the three Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle. For your eco-friendly move, always consider what disposable items you can eliminate from the process. Then, after moving, if you have some things you used to move that you need to get rid of, first consider whether you can use them again, sell them, or pass them onto a friend. If not, see if you can recycle them instead of just throwing them away.

Make One Trip

Fuel emissions have a significant impact on the environment. Many people choose to rent a moving van themselves and then spend days driving items back and forth between their old place and their new home. You can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your move by making sure that you have everything packed up to make just one journey. Think of how much petrol you’ll save if you can load up the moving van to full capacity and do it in one go.

Hiring professional moving services can help with this. Experienced movers know all of the best ways to pack up a moving van to ensure that everything fits in. They can help you to avoid making multiple trips.

Use Moving Blankets

A sustainable alternative to plastic packing wrap or bubble wrap is using moving blankets. As Melbourne’s premier removalists, our Easymove team arrive with moving blankets to wrap around sharp corners of your furniture. This can prevent your other items and boxes from getting damaged. We use these blankets time and time again, and they are a genuinely sustainable alternative to packing materials that get thrown away after a move.

Why Choose Easymove – Melbourne’s Premier Removalists

If you’re about to move, but you are worried about the impact that will have on the environment, worry no longer. Just follow our above guide to planning an eco-friendly move, and you can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your relocation.

When you book in our professional moving services, don’t forget to ask us about borrowing packing boxes. You will be able to pick them up from us prior to your move so that you have time to pack. Then we’ll shift the full boxes for you, and you can drop them back to us so that other customers can reuse them – easy!

Contact us today to find out more or make a booking and discover why we are Melbourne’s premier removalists.

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