How-To Guide: End of Lease Cleaning Made Easy

end of lease cleaning

So, you’re packing up for a big move. But what about the home you’re moving out of? If you’re moving at the end of a tenancy, you will have to perform end of lease cleaning. Use this guide to find out how to clean your house from the top to bottom, ensuring that your landlord will be satisfied with the results. You can either do it all yourself or book in luxury movers to do it for you – it’s your choice.

What Cleaning is Recommended at the End of a Tenancy?

You don’t want to give your landlord any reason not to return your full bond at the end of your lease. After all, you need that money for the big move you have coming up. So, what is recommended you do at the end of lease cleaning time?

Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve lived in your old place for any length of time, it’s likely that you’ve had a few spills on the carpet over the years. Not to worry, you just need to do some effective carpet cleaning before you move out. Got a red wine stain? White vinegar is your friend for blemishes of many kinds, including those pesky red wine stains on the carpet. Simply mix up some dishwashing liquid and a bit of white vinegar and apply to the dirty area. The stain should lift right out.

Give your carpet a comprehensive vacuum. If it’s particularly dirty, you may even choose to hire a steam cleaner that can help to suck up the dirt out of the floor. This is particularly useful if you have had pets in the house, as the fur can often linger in the carpet long after you’re gone.

Scrub Your Kitchen

You cannot forget to give your kitchen a rigorous clean when doing the end of lease cleaning. As the kitchen is where people prepare food, many landlords will be more thorough when checking the cleanliness in this room.

Make sure that you scrub down every shelf in your pantry and cupboards. Most tenants forget about this, but it is crucial. Over the years, these areas can build up a lot of dirt and grime, making it look like you haven’t cleaned the kitchen at all.

The other primary task that people neglect in the kitchen when moving out is cleaning the fridge. You may remember to take out your fruits and vegetables but forget to clean the inside of the fridge. At least give the inside and shelves a wipe down so that it’s ready for the next person to put their food straight in.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

Do you have a garbage disposal that’s seen better days? Garbage disposals are actually surprisingly easy to clean. Adding lemon down there can help get rid of any odd odours emanating from the drain. Simply chop up a lemon and put it down the disposal. Add some ice and salt as well before turning on the switch. Ice and salt can remove any decomposing build-up clinging onto the sides of the drain, leaving your garbage disposal smelling and looking like new again.

Oven Cleaning

Before you move away from cleaning the kitchen, the last thing you will need to do is clean the oven. This is often an end of lease cleaning requirement. The best way to clean an oven is to turn it onto a low heat for around 10 minutes and then switch it off. You want it just warm enough to loosen any caked-on grease but not so warm that you could burn yourself. If you use oven cleaner, make sure that you wear gloves while using this as it is a highly corrosive substance that is bad for your skin.


If you’re not usually an avid cleaner, it’s likely that some cobwebs have built up in the corners of your home. Do a thorough sweep of the house for cobwebs in each room. You can either get up on a ladder and clean them off or get a broom and brush them down. Then you can just vacuum them up, once you have ensured that no traces are left on the walls.

Empty the Rubbish

Many landlords require that you leave the recycling and rubbish bins completely empty at the end of your lease. If the rubbish hasn’t been out that week yet, this can pose a problem for many tenants. However, if you’re making a big move, you have likely done a lot of decluttering. This may mean that you need to take a trip to drop off anything you can’t sell or donate to the dump. So, just don’t forget to bring your rubbish and recycling along with you when you make this trip.

Clean the Walls

Cleaning all of the walls in the house might be going a little too far. However, you should check for any scuff marks or patches of discolouration on the walls. These can hopefully be cleaned off easily with a little cleaning product and a damp cloth. Just spot cleaning these areas that look stained should help with the overall appearance of your home, making it look sparkling clean.

Get a Little Help

Not sure how to clean your house thoroughly and need a bit of help? That’s where Easymove comes in. We are your luxury movers who do it all. We don’t just lift and shift your stuff to your new home, but we do everything from packing up your home to your end of lease cleaning as well. Choose us as your premium removalists, and we’ll get your home looking fresh and clean so that your landlord will be happy with how you left the place.

Don’t do it all yourself. When you’re moving to a new home, you have more than enough to worry about without having to do a ton of cleaning too. If you’re booking premium removalists, you should take advantage of all those extra services we offer that can make your life easier. Call us today to discuss end of lease cleaning and the many other services we offer.

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