Gold Coast to Melbourne

Gold Coast to Melbourne

Are you ready to pack up your life and move to Melbourne? An interstate move from the Gold Coast to Melbourne is a massive change in lifestyle. If you’re ready to make the leap, give EasyMove a call today. We are Melbourne’s premier removalists who specialise in interstate moves within Australia. No journey is too long or too short for us to make.

How Do You Move Interstate?

It’s a long way from the Gold Coast to Melbourne for that city life you’ve been dreaming of. The drive can take around 17 and a half hours, plus the stops you’ll undoubtedly need along the way. You could make the journey by driving across the country or flying – it’s really up to you.

Getting your possessions all the way to Melbourne is where the real hassle comes in. Do you freight your precious furniture, taking your chances with it going on an airplane? Well, worry no more, because EasyMove is here to solve your moving problems. We perform interstate moves and are more than happy to come all the way to the Gold Coast with our 5-tonne moving truck to pick up your belongings. We will then safely pack them into the van and transport them all the way down to Melbourne. This will be the easiest interstate move you’ve ever experienced, thanks to the assistance of our friendly and helpful team.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Interstate?

If you’ve ever looked up the price of moving just a bed or chest of drawers interstate, you know that the cost can be mind-blowing. Here at EasyMove, we aim to make it as affordable as possible for you by charging a fixed price for interstate moves depending on how many bedrooms you have in your home or the number of trucks it will take. Plus, you get the added benefit of having us pick up your possessions from absolutely anywhere in the Gold Coast and dropping them off wherever you like in Melbourne. Moving across states doesn’t have to cost the earth. To find out more about the price of interstate removals with the trusted team at EasyMove, give us a call today, and we can explain how much you might pay for your relocation.

How Long Does an Interstate Move Take?

A 17 and a half-hour drive is no joke, so it’s best to allow a few days for your stuff to make the trip. You will also need to factor in the day or so it could take to pack the truck with your possessions and the time it takes to unload at the other end. You can expect a move from the Gold Coast to Melbourne to take the better part of a week to complete.

Why not turn it into the road trip of a lifetime with your family? After all, it will take your stuff a while to make it to Melbourne, so you may as well enjoy making some stops along the way. Stop in for a day or two in Sydney to take in the sights.

What Do You Need to Do When Moving Interstate?

When you’re planning your cross country move, don’t forget to factor in your pets. They have to come with you, as they are members of your family. If they aren’t able to go on a plane, then you might need to drive them down to Melbourne. Also, it’s a great idea to arrange care for them while you have movers packing up your stuff. Otherwise, they can get underfoot or escape when doors are inevitably left open. So, leave them with a family member or friend for the day before you move if you can.

Another thing you will need to do is update your address with the relevant government agencies. You will need to update your car registration, licence, Centrelink, and the local council, among others.

EasyMove’s Interstate Moving Services

We will come to your Gold Coast residence to pick up all of the boxes and furniture you want to be moved to your new place in Melbourne. Then, we will make the long drive, being mindful of your precious possessions in the back. We are experienced movers who take every precaution to ensure that your items arrive in precisely the same state they left. We pack up the van with moving blankets and other buffers to cushion your boxes and furniture and protect them from damage.

Ready to go ahead and start your new life in Melbourne? Head there straight away and leave us to deal with your end of lease cleaning. This will allow you to get to your new place earlier and start unpacking as soon as we arrive. We’ll have your past home spick and span so that your landlord will be happy with the cleanliness of the place when they inspect it. Head to your new home without worrying about your old one.

We can also:

  • Reassemble any furniture that you took apart for the move
  • Do all of your packing for you
  • Move large, heavy objects such as pianos or pool tables
  • Perform commercial relocations

Contact us today to discuss our entire range of premium moving services. Book in for your interstate move from the Gold Coast to Melbourne before our calendar fills up.

Why Choose EasyMove for Your Move from the Gold Coast to Melbourne

The friendly team here at EasyMove love nothing more than getting people’s precious possessions safely to their new home. We treat everything delicately and pack it securely to ensure that it arrives in exactly the same condition it left in. We bring moving blankets to put between furniture to keep it from getting scratched or otherwise damaged during the drive.

Let us take care of your interstate move – leave it up to the experts while you relax and familiarise yourself with your new home. Get in touch today to book your upcoming move, and we’ll take care of all the details.

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