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Live In Melbourne: 5 Best Destinations

Do you intend to live in Melbourne? That is, you should be. Melbourne is quickly becoming the next popular destination for Australians seeking a place to call home. Moving to Melbourne could be a life-changing journey if you are from Sydney or other nearby cities.

A friendly environment, exciting food and sporting events, and a welcoming culture let you explore various living options. But how can a fresher select Melbourne’s top places to live in, given this big city? Let us handle it! We’ve compiled a list of Melbourne’s top destinations for your convenience! Before packing and delving into the top Melbourne neighbourhoods, let’s look closer at Melbourne!

Why Live In Melbourne?

  • The ideal year-round weather
  • It boasts some of the greatest restaurants on Earth.
  • You can check out some of the most well-known attractions in Australia.
  • The Aussie Open, one of the biggest athletic events in the world, is held there.
  • The public transportation system is highly integrated, making transportation incredibly simple.
  • You won’t tire of the outdoors with more than 800 parks and reserves in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne boasts more than 150km of bike lanes, so you can bike everywhere and always stay aware of your location. 

Where To Live In Melbourne?

Choose a reliable mover and make the best decision! Here are the best places to live in Melbourne to help you decide.


live in melbourne - portsea

The well-known beaches and breathtaking vistas of Port Phillip Bay are available to locals here. It is the location of Portsea Pier, home to the fantastic pufferfish and weedy sea dragon.

If you’re a surfer, you should go to Corsair Rock or Portsea Black Beach, which provides excellent surfing conditions. But the latter is for surfers who are in the professional ranks.

Retirees hoping to spend their golden years or families with little children will love this suburb’s proximity to the beach and shopping malls.

Additionally, Portsea has a wide array of housing alternatives, ranging in price from exquisite flats to spacious mansions. There’s no need to search any more if you’re in the market for a new residence! 

North Melbourne

live in melbourne - north melbourne

If you want to live close to the city and have a laid-back lifestyle, North Melbourne is a terrific spot to reside. It offers a fantastic blend of suburban and city living.

Some of Melbourne’s greatest eateries, boutique stores, and cafés are in North Melbourne. Families will love its abundance of public parks and reasonably-priced housing!

Much of North Melbourne’s historic industrial vibe has been preserved, which is advantageous for recent construction projects like the Fishermans Bend urban regeneration initiative. This initiative will develop Thousands of additional dwellings in the upcoming years. 


live in melbourne - brighton

Brighton is a vibrant suburban area. It is renowned for its Victorian homes and tree-lined avenues and is regarded as one of Australia’s most affluent and desirable suburbs. Brighton also boasts a well-located beach and a great spot to unwind.

With so many parks and green areas to explore, Brighton is ideal for people who enjoy being outside. If you would rather eat indoors, Brighton also boasts a lot of lovely eateries close to the shore where you can have an al fresco meal.

A great selection of stores and boutiques is also available, which is ideal if you need that additional small item for your house or clothes! 

St Kilda

live in melbourne - st kilda

St Kilda is an inner neighbourhood of the metropolis of Greater Melbourne.

St Kilda, a Melbourne suburb renowned for its cultural diversity, is the only one where most of the population was born outside the country. As to the 2016 census, a mere 51% of the residents of St Kilda were originally from Australia.

One of the most recognisable sites in St Kilda is the 2300-foot-long St Kilda Pier. The public has access to this commuter pier’s bay. You can see the city skyline and a panoramic vista of St Kilda from here. It also offers the ideal vantage point for watching the Little Penguins.

Unbeknownst to you, St Kilda boasts its beach. Indeed, the 700-meter St Kilda beach is located there. If you can’t get enough, visit the adjacent St Kilda Sea Baths, a complex offering dining options, entertainment, and spa treatments.

The Jewish Museum of Australia, Acland Street Village, Palais Theatre, St. Kilda Botanical Gardens, and the well-known Luna Park are some of St. Kilda’s well-liked attractions.

St Kilda is a multicultural suburb with various restaurants serving local and foreign food. St Kilda offers multiple cuisines, including French, Italian, Chinese, Irish, and Japanese. 


live in melbourne - hawthorn

Six kilometres from the heart of Melbourne lies the suburb of Hawthorn in the inner-eastern suburbs.

It offers a variety of classic and heritage-inspired home designs and styles. With its cafes and galleries, Hawthorn is also very cultural.

Hawthorn is well-known for its green streets, easy access to the city, and public transportation. Because there is so much public transportation in the region, the commute from Hawthorn to work takes less than an hour!

Were you aware? If you enjoy cherries, Hawthorn is also the location of the largest cherry tree in the world.

Hawthorn can be the ideal suburb if you’re moving to Melbourne and want a suburban area with city conveniences and a suburban vibe!

Live In Melbourne, Move at Ease!

live in melbourne - moving to melbourne with easymove services

If you plan to move to Melbourne, start packing and prepare to delve deeper into moving for a fresh start! 

Melbourne is a great place to be, so start calculating the volume of your belongings and contact EasyMove Services for all your moving needs! Take it one day at a time until you can explore a new life in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

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