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Questions You Should Ask Your Melbourne Moving Company

You’re moving house, and you’ve decided that DIY is going to be too difficult and time-consuming – great choice! You’ll be less stressed on moving day and won’t have to deal with family members bailing on you or mates dropping your furniture. So, how do you go about finding the perfect Melbourne moving company to help you move to a new house? You’ll have a whole checklist of expectations to check off, especially finding removalists with a Covid-safe plan. Here are the top questions you should get answered about your moving company before you book.

Questions You Should Ask Your Melbourne Moving Company

  1. What are Your Reviews Like?

You can either ask your movers for a link to their Google reviews or simply look them up yourself. To find the reviews other customers have left for a moving company, check them out on Google Maps. When you look up the company’s name, you should find a listing with plenty of positive reviews. Make sure that you read a few of these to get a solid understanding of what the company is like to deal with. If they don’t have a listing or the reviews are predominantly negative, consider using a different company.

  • Do You Have Insurance?

All good moving companies are insured. This means that if they accidentally drop or damage your belongings while moving them, the insurance will cover the cost. If movers aren’t insured, this can be a sign that they are inexperienced or could have some shady business practices. Either way, it could leave you footing the bill if they damage your possessions! At least if you choose to go with a company that has insurance, you will know you’re covered in case of damage.

  • How Much Will It Cost?

For many customers, this is the most crucial question. Look for a company that offers a quote estimation so that you can gain an accurate prediction of how much the move might cost you. Knowing in advance how much it will cost can help you to plan your move and other expenses. You don’t want to end up with an unexpectedly large bill straight after moving into your new home!

  • How Many Customers Have You Served?

Finding an experienced Melbourne moving company is essential. Experienced movers know all the best ways to pack up a van to fit everything in without damage, and they can get you moved more efficiently and carefully. Look for a company that has served at least a few hundred customers, as they’ll have the experience to get the job done.

  • What Services are Extra?

Once you have decided to hire movers, you may realise that it’s easier to just let them do it all – packing up your home, completing the end of lease clean, and arranging storage as well as moving your stuff. Just make sure that you check what’s included and what will cost you extra. For example, many moving companies offer free packing boxes, while others may charge for them.

  • Are You Removalists with A Covid-Safe Plan?

In today’s circumstances, you need removalists with a Covid-safe plan. People are usually allowed to move despite Covid restrictions if they are moving permanently to a new address and their old lease has ended, or they sold the house. Hiring removalists with a Covid-safe plan ensures that your move will go ahead even if restrictions are tight at the time. This includes things like using sanitiser, social distancing, and asking staff to stay home when they are sick.

  • How Do You Prevent Damage to My Home?

There’s nothing worse than damaging your new home before you’re even done moving in! Leaving scratches on the floor or walls of the place you’re moving out of can cause an uproar from the new owners, or if you were renting, you might not get your bond back.

That’s why you need to know what measures the moving company takes to prevent damage to your home. Good movers will use a dolly on wheels to lift heavy furniture, keeping your carpets in top condition.

You could also look for a Melbourne moving company that offers furniture disassembly and reassembly services to make it easier to transport your furniture and further ensure that your items cannot damage your home.

  • When Will My Belongings Arrive?

Professional movers will be able to get you moved efficiently – it shouldn’t take weeks to get access to your belongings! Most Melbourne moves should be able to be completed within the same day so that you can start unpacking before you go to bed.

An experienced moving company will ensure that you get your belongings as soon as possible. However, keep in mind that transportation for interstate moves will take longer, as your items will be driven all the way to your new home.

  • Can You Organise Storage

The best moving companies offer an all-in-one solution so that you don’t need to do anything yourself. For example, there’s no point hiring movers only to then have to hire your own truck to take excess furniture over to a storage facility. Find movers who will do that for you instead, as well as arranging long or short-term storage for your belongings. That way, they can just drop off the items after or while completing your move.

The Melbourne Moving Company You Can Trust

Don’t know which movers to choose? EasyMove checks all of the above boxes. We are removalists with a Covid-safe plan who pride ourselves on getting you moved safely during these times. We take great care to follow all Covid guidelines to ensure that the risk of your move is minimised.

Do your homework before deciding to go with us as your moving company, but we’re confident that you’ll want to use our services after you read all of the rave reviews we’ve received from previous satisfied customers.

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