Melbourne to Brisbane

Melbourne to Brisbane

Australians who are looking for a slower pace of life but love city living often make the move from Melbourne to Brisbane. With half as many people but still the hustle and bustle of a city, Brisbane is an excellent alternative to living in Melbourne. However, moving interstate isn’t always easy, and the first challenge is finding a premium removalist who can help you make the move. That’s where EasyMove comes in. We are a team of experienced movers who also perform interstate moves from Melbourne to Brisbane.

How Do You Move Interstate?

An 18-hour drive sounds like the perfect opportunity to take a road trip to us. Why not drive up to Brisbane, making stops along the way? You could visit Sydney, Newcastle, and the Gold Coast as you head up the coastline. Leave your belongings in the safe hands of our movers to transport up there, and jet off in your car, taking your time. Another option is to fly up there, which would be far less time-consuming.

Your other options for your possessions are to get them shipped or air freighted up to Brisbane. This method of moving interstate, however, often costs far more. Plus, your items may be more prone to damage in an airplane than they are in our truck. Planes can run into turbulence and other unexpected factors that cause them to jolt around. On the other hand, we hire fantastic drivers who make the journey as smooth as possible to keep your belongings safe.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Interstate?

The cost of moving interstate doesn’t have to break the bank, thanks to the affordable pricing of our interstate moves. We charge a set cost for the number of bedrooms you have in your home. If you are moving from a four-bedroom house, you will be shifting more furniture than from a two-bedroom, so we charge more as it takes us longer to complete your move. If you require more than one of our 5-tonne moving trucks, we may charge based on the number of trucks instead. Either way, it is a fixed cost that you can find out in advance before you book our services.

As an optional extra, you could also get us to reassemble your furniture or pack up your home as well. This will cost more due to the extra time that these will take. However, many families find it worth it as they can spend less time on the moving details and take care of other things associated with the move, such as enrolling in new schools or updating their address.

We can pick up your stuff from the address of your choice in Melbourne and deliver it to anywhere in Brisbane. So, you’ll have no hassles trying to pick up your items or get them somewhere to be freighted to your new home.

How Long Does an Interstate Move Take?

How long you spend on getting up to Brisbane is entirely up to you. You could fly and be there well in advance of your belongings or take your time on a long drive. Either way, it will take us a few days to move your belongings due to the distance. It’s a long drive, so you need to allow a few days for that as well as a day to pack up the truck and one to unload at the other end.

What Do You Need to Do When Moving Interstate?

To arrange your interstate move, just give EasyMove a call and book in. We can take care of all your stuff reaching its destination. However, there is more that you will need to do. Letting the right departments know about your change of address is an important task that you will need to complete. Make sure that you update your car registration, driver’s license, Australia Post, and other relevant government agencies.

Something else you may consider is putting some of your possessions into storage. Maybe you’re not moving permanently. In this case, it doesn’t make sense to move everything you own up to Brisbane. Leave some in a storage facility in Melbourne for when you come back and save yourself money on the move. We can even arrange storage for you, so you don’t have an extra task on your plate.

EasyMove’s Interstate Moving Services

Whether it’s your family that’s relocating or your business, EasyMove can help. We can pick up all of your belongings in Melbourne and safely transport them all the way to Brisbane. If you’re moving offices, you may enjoy using our packing services as well. We can pack up and move your entire office to the new premises. This could make it a lot easier on your staff as they don’t have to deal with packing up all of the office supplies. Many families take advantage of this service as well, to save them time and stress.

We can even move your heavier objects such as pianos or pool tables, so you don’t need to throw your back out trying to lift these. Our team are experienced in proper lifting techniques and come with all of the correct equipment for lifting larger items. Don’t risk hurting yourself before a big interstate move – get us to it for you. Call us today to book in your ideal date for your interstate move from Melbourne to Brisbane.

We can also provide the following on request:

  • End of lease cleaning
  • Storage facility
  • Furniture reassembly

Why Choose EasyMove for Your Move from Melbourne to Brisbane

Choose a company that you can trust to move your belongings all the way from Melbourne to Brisbane. Here at EasyMove, we are a small, family-owned company. We started out small with a Ute, helping people move home in Melbourne. Today, we perform interstate moves to and from Melbourne with a 5-tonne truck and multiple movers.

We have a team of skilled movers who are adept at handling items with care, so they don’t get dropped or damaged. They are also experts at packing up the truck so that your stuff doesn’t rattle around in transit, causing scratches on the surface of furniture. If you’re ready to book your upcoming move from Melbourne to Brisbane, do it now before your ideal moving date sells out.

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