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6 Biggest Mistakes When Moving and How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately, moving is something that most people do so infrequently that they aren’t sure of the most streamlined and efficient ways to do it. Find out from Melbourne moving specialists what are some of the biggest mistakes when moving.

Biggest Mistakes When Moving and How to Avoid Them

Work smarter, not harder. Moving is a stressful time for most people, but it doesn’t have to be as much hassle as some people make it! Avoid the following mistakes when moving, and you’ll have the smoothest house move you’ve ever experienced.

1. Not Decluttering

Too many people skip straight to packing and don’t get rid of anything before they move. Take a thorough look around your home and consider what you haven’t used since the last time you moved house. This is a good indicator that it’s something you probably don’t need to take with you.

After all, you’ll be hiring Melbourne moving specialists to help you shift. Why would you pay to have items moved that you don’t even use? The more you can get rid of by decluttering, the cheaper your moving bill might be.

2. Packing Too Early

Of course, you need to give yourself plenty of time to pack before a move. However, packing too early is one of the most common mistakes when moving that people make. You need to carefully pick and choose what you start packing, or you might put away things that you’ll need in the meantime.

There’s nothing worse than looking for your favourite baking dish only to realise that it’s at the bottom of a moving box!

If you want to start packing early for your move, it’s a good idea to start in the garage. The garage usually contains items that you use the least, such as tools, sports gear, and old kitchen items.

3. Doing a DIY Move

Let’s be honest; no one likes helping their friends move. So, don’t ask yours to help with your upcoming move. Moving is hard work that’s exhausting and draining. Instead, by hiring Melbourne moving specialists, you could be putting up your feet and relaxing in your new home on moving day!

Save your family and friends the hassle and pay for movers – it’s well worth it.

4. Moving On The Weekend

Most people try to move on the weekend so that they don’t have to take time off work for moving – this is another of the biggest mistakes when moving that Aussies make. Our advice? Take the time off!

Moving on a weekday can save you money, as most moving companies charge less than they do on weekends and public holidays. Plus, you really need to take time off when moving house anyway. Shifting to a new property is a big deal, and it comes with a lot of stress and emotions. Give yourself the space to unpack and adjust to your new life. Work can wait.

5. Not Considering Your Pets

Do you have pets? Then hopefully, you have made arrangements for how you will move them to your new home and where they will be on moving day.

It’s easy to forget that our pets experience stress and anxiety just like we do. Reduce the impact of a move on your pets by getting friends or relatives to look after them until you’re ready to have them in your new place. Get moved in and set up before bringing your pet to join you – then you can focus on settling them in and getting them comfortable. And they won’t get underfoot while your Melbourne moving specialists are doing their work!

6. Not Researching Moving Companies

Yes, there are many moving companies around Melbourne, but not all are great at what they do. It’s important to find the right Melbourne moving specialists for the job. You can do this by doing your research ahead of time. Check out the company’s Google reviews and call up to ask for extra information.

Choose a company that offers lots of additional services, as the closer you get to your move, you may run out of time to complete tasks like packing or end of lease cleaning. Finding a company that offers these options will be a lifesaver when it comes to moving day.

Some companies will even arrange storage for you if you need it and drop off designated items there before moving the rest of your stuff to your new home.

Ready to move? EasyMove would love to help. Our team of Melbourne moving specialists can help you to avoid all of the biggest mistakes when moving. Let them safely and securely transition your belongings to your new home while you relax and take it easy. We are just a phone call away – contact us today.

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