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Move A Pool Table in 5 Easy Steps

Why move a pool table? A pool table is a prized possession in the house, giving you time for indoor sports over a glass of scotch. Hence, leaving behind the pool table when moving is never an option. It’s an investment, of course. As much as a pool table can be something to take pride in, moving a pool table is also one of the hardest things to take care of. 

Not only is a pool table large, but given its material and size, it sure is heavy. Not everyone would know how to move a pool table because how often would you encounter people with a pool table? 

As there are some household furniture that one should not move around alone, some would even consider hiring a furniture removal company like EasyMove Services since they safely move things. They’d know the best way to move a pool table. Nonetheless, one should not worry because here are some steps to move a pool table.

Gather the supplies to move a pool table

Gather the supplies to move your pool table

Before you move a pool table, gather all the necessary supplies for packing and moving the pool table. You’ll want to grab some moving blankets and furniture pads for a smooth and safe move. They’ll do a great job keeping your table’s surface pleasant and protected from bumps or scratches. 

Remember to pick up some packing tape to keep those coverings snugly in place! For those delicate bits of the pool table, like the pockets and rails, bubble wrap will be your best friend. You’ll also need a socket wrench to take the table apart and a dolly or hand truck to help move the heavy pieces without sweat. 

These things sound great, but don’t worry; you can find all these items at almost any hardware store. Happy moving! You can also buy a packing kit from your local moving company, which will carry a set of these. These will ensure you have ease when moving a pool table.

Disassemble a pool table

Disassemble the pool table

Moving a pool table would be hard to do if the pool table is as a whole. You’ll need to disassemble it into its components. First, carefully remove the components on the surface, like the pockets and rails, from the table. Then, gently unscrew the felt from the slate surface, ensuring it does not ruin the delicate material. After the felt is off, carefully separate the slate from the table frame. Lastly, remove the legs and any other parts that you can disassemble.

Pack all parts of the pool table

Pack all parts of the pool table

It’s time to pack up all the parts for transportation after disassembling the pool table. Cover the slate with bubble wrap or moving blankets to protect it from knocks and scratches. Use packing tape to fasten the blankets tightly so they stay put while transported. Use moving blankets or bubble wrap to shield the legs and other parts from damage, as with the slate. Upon packing everything safely, carefully put the components into the truck to ensure the weight distribution is equal and to avoid tipping or shifting.

Get a truck and load the pool table

Get a truck and load the pool table

Once you have your supplies ready, it’s time to find and rent a suitable truck for transporting the pool table. Ensure that the truck you’re getting is large enough to accommodate all the disassembled parts of the table safely. You can use a volume calculator to see how big of a truck you’d need to move your pool table safely. You can also consider hiring truckers or professionals from a furniture removal company since they’re sure to be trained in transporting huge items and know how to move a pool table.

Move and assemble the pool table

Move and assemble the pool table

Now that the truck is loaded, moving the pool table to its new home is time. Drive cautiously to avoid sudden stops and swift curves to reduce the risk of damaging the table. When you reach your destination, gently remove the components from the truck and place them in the area for assembly. To correctly reassemble the pool table, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional advice, ensuring all parts are aligned and fastened tightly.

Now that you know how to move a pool table, you’re better prepared to move your own. It takes careful preparation and attention to detail to move a pool table. Still, with the correct setup and safety measures, you can move your table to its new location without any untoward incident. If you follow these steps, you’ll have no trouble having all the pool games you’d want in your new place. 

Hire a moving company like EasyMove Services to get professionals to move your pool table while you sit back and enjoy a hassle-free move.

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