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How to Move Safely During a Pandemic

Completing a house move safely during a pandemic can be a tricky task. The safest thing to do is to stay in your current residence. However, the pandemic has been going for nearly 2 years so far without an end in sight. Some people have already put off moving house for months or even years and just need to get it done. If you’re wondering how moving safely during a pandemic works, keep reading below for tips on hiring contactless movers and more!

How to Move Safely During a Pandemic

Prioritise Safety

Moving is important. However, if cases surge, you may need to be willing to change your plans if you are in a high-risk situation. If you’re immune-compromised or over 60 years old, you may wish to postpone your move if that’s possible.

If you have been in contact with someone who has Covid, you will need to put off your move until you are sure that you haven’t contracted it. Call your contactless movers to let them know the situation, and you can come up with a plan together.

Book Contactless Movers

With social distancing measures in place as one of the best ways to avoid spreading the virus, it’s crucial that you find contactless movers who can help you to move house.

Look for movers that take due care when completing your house move. This includes wearing masks and gloves at all times during the process and using disinfection methods where possible to sanitise surfaces they have touched.

For most contactless movers, it will be standard to ask their employees not to come to work if they are sick and to self-isolate until they have tested negative for Covid. Choosing a contactless mover will ensure that you can move safely.

Consider Storage Options

If you need to move because you’ve sold your home or are moving for work, there’s little choice as to whether you need to leave your current residence. But in some cases, the safest thing to do will be to put your belongings into storage. Not bringing all of your things to another state can reduce the risk associated with your move, as you’re not asking your contactless movers to travel between states.

Also, if you have to postpone your move due to being exposed to the virus, putting your things in storage can allow you to move at another time but still get out of your house before the lease expires.

Discuss Your Contactless Mover’s Postponement Policy

As contactless movers value safety over anything else, most do have a policy in place for changes, postponements, and cancellations caused by the pandemic. Things can change in an instant if you find out you’ve been exposed to Covid. Contact your movers ahead of time to discuss what would happen should you have to change your moving plans.

Sanitation Precautions

If you’ve packed your own boxes, wipe down the items as you place them inside with an antibacterial spray. It is also a good idea to wipe down the outside of the boxes as well. Do the same with all furniture you need your movers to shift for you.

Go around your home and sanitise all surfaces the movers may touch. This includes benches, doorknobs, taps, and more.

Arrange Entry

Contactless movers need a way to access your home without face to face interaction. Consider how you can do this most comfortably. Some people will leave their keys in the letterbox on moving day, give the movers an access code, or simply leave their door unlocked.

Get in touch with your moving company ahead of time to let them know how they can get in on the day. Make sure you also give them access to your new place where they will unload the boxes too.

The Best Contactless Movers in Melbourne

EasyMove are proud to offer our services as contactless movers in Melbourne. We will be by your side every step of the way, letting you know how you can move safely even during this time of crisis.

We put your health and safety above all else, with our team adhering to all of the precautionary measures listed above.

We’ll also give you a call when we arrive on moving day, just to make sure that you’re out of the house and avoid any in-person interaction. You can also use this opportunity to give us any specific directions or ask any questions you may have about our covid-safe services.

Book your upcoming move online today through our booking system, or contact us if you’d like to discuss any questions or concerns you have about moving safely during a pandemic. We’d be happy to chat with you and let you know what we can do to help you feel comfortable about moving at this time.

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