Tips for Making Moving at Christmas a Magical Time

moving at christmas

Are you moving during the upcoming summer season? Moving at Christmas may seem like a strange choice, but it’s certainly a popular one. Paradoxically, Christmas is a great time to move for many people.

Moving in December or January allows you to move across the summer while you are on uni break. Or maybe you’re moving to start a new job at the start of next year, or for your kids to start the school year at a new school. Whatever the reason, Christmas is moving season (see what we did there?).

If you’re about to embark on an office move, moving at Christmas makes the most sense. Get all of the items moved while your staff are away enjoying their holidays. That’s right; you can book office removals in Melbourne over Christmas!

Money-Saving Tips

Moving is an expensive exercise, but a necessary one. However, having extra expenses at Christmas time is far from ideal. So, how can you save money if you’re moving during the festive season? Keep reading for our essential money-saving tips.

Move on A Weekday

If you’re moving during the time off you have in December, there is no reason to book your move over the weekend. Did you know that moving on a weekday actually costs less? The hourly rate for many professional movers is lower as they don’t get as many weekday bookings. Save yourself plenty of money by simply scheduling your move for any day apart from Saturday or Sunday.

Don’t Move on a Public Holiday

For movers, public holidays count as weekend days. So, the prices for moving often increase on public holidays. Remember that just like everyone else, professional movers will have to pay their staff extra! So, when you’re booking in your move, remember to check your moving dates. If it’s over a public holiday, see if you can reschedule for weekdays that aren’t public holidays.

Book Early

If you’re planning on moving in a few weeks and haven’t booked it in, you will struggle to get the dates you want. Either they will be booked up, or you may end up having to move at the weekend and paying more. By booking in advance, you can plan out the cheapest days to move and have your choice of dates when booking.

Moving at Christmas with Less Stress

There is enough stress already happening over the holiday season. Whether it’s because of money, family, or other duties, it can be a difficult time. So, don’t let your upcoming move be another stressor for you. Find out our advice for a stress-free move:

Pack Ahead of Time

Christmas is hectic. You may have family over or need to travel some distance to visit relatives. By packing well ahead of time, you will give yourself less to do closer to the moving date. That way, you will be prepared and can relax and enjoy the holidays. This also requires finding moving boxes in advance, so make sure that you order them now or find some at your local grocery store. By packing a little at a time over a long period, packing up your entire home suddenly becomes a much less daunting prospect.

Make a List and Check it Twice

A moving list is one of the handiest tools you will have in your arsenal when moving. By using a moving list, you can ensure that you don’t miss out any important tasks that you should have already completed. Many are organised by moving date so that you know when you should have completed each section by. Tick it off and feel relaxed knowing that you are fully ready to move when the time comes.
Shop Online

Are you looking to buy Christmas presents? Don’t clutter up the home you’re moving out of with gifts. Skip battling through the crowds to find the perfect items. Choose to shop online instead, and depending on when you’re moving, you could even get them sent to your new home. If you’re unsure if they will arrive before you move, you could contact the previous owners to let them know that you are expecting some parcels. That should give you fewer items to pack and means you can’t lose track of which box the presents are in.

Plan Christmas Day

Are you moving over Christmas? Our best advice is don’t host it at your house. Go to a relative’s place for Christmas this year and skip all of the preparation that goes into the day. No doubt you will have started packing, so you may end up spending hours searching for that one serving platter or enough utensils for everyone. You could even eat Christmas dinner out, which will allow you to pack all of your serveware and cooking items.

Get Some Magic Elves to Help You Out

Do you need a helping hand? EasyMove are professional movers who are ready to help you move over Christmas. Santa doesn’t take a day off, and neither do we. We are here to reduce your stress and arrange your move.  

EasyMove Professional Movers

EasyMove started from humble beginnings with just a mover and a van. We have rapidly spread to become one of Melbourne’s preferred movers. We are now proud to offer numerous services to our customers.

We are currently taking bookings for moves over the Christmas season. If you’re moving at Christmas but want to be able to relax and enjoy your holidays, knowing your move is taken care of, book in with us now. The sooner you book us in, the better, as slots fill up fast, especially during the summer. Not only can we lift and shift your furniture and boxes, but we also offer many other premium moving services. This includes furniture storage, packing kits and office relocations. We offer office removals in Melbourne as well as house moves

Put down the moving boxes, pick up a cocktail and let us take care of your entire move. Whether you’re moving interstate or just across Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

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