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Creating A Moving Budget

If you haven’t moved house in a while, it can be easy to forget what an expensive exercise it is. Yes, you’ll have to pay to hire movers, but there are plenty more costs to factor into your moving budget as well! See below for a comprehensive list of all the things you should include in your moving budget.

Moving Budget Items

1.     Moving Company

Have you booked your movers yet? Look for a cost-effective but reliable option, such as the services offered by EasyMove. Plan ahead of time and cut costs by not moving on weekends or public holidays. Moving rates are often cheaper on weekdays, as most people wait until the weekend to move. Taking that extra day off work to move mid-week could save you a lot of money!

2.     Purchase Packing Boxes and Materials

Packing isn’t as straightforward as simply putting items in boxes. You will need other packing materials to cushion your things and prevent damage. So, set aside a portion of your moving budget for tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing boxes, packing tape, and anything else you may need. Some moving companies offer moving blankets as part of their service, so check if you need to buy those or if your movers will already have them.

3.     End Of Lease Clean

Are you planning on completing the end of lease clean yourself after moving out? Often, the last thing we want to do after moving is going back to our old home to complete a thorough clean. If you’re going to get someone to complete the end of lease clean, find out how much it will cost and include this in your moving budget.

4.     Get Moving Insurance

If you’re anxious about your most precious items arriving at your new home safe and sound, you may consider getting moving insurance. This means that if anything happens to your belongings while in transit, the cost of repair or replacement is fully covered. Some moving companies may offer moving insurance along with their services, so always ask about this when booking your movers.

5.     Interstate Moving Costs

If you’re moving to a new state, there are a few extra costs you might incur. First, think about how you’ll travel to your new home. You will either need to factor in money for flights or petrol. Will you need to stay overnight anywhere along the way? If so, add some money for staying in a hotel. If you have pets, you may need to pay extra costs to get them to your new home as well.

6.     House Costs

There are a few house-related costs you might need to factor into your moving budget. First, if you’ve sold your home, you will need to pay the real estate agent’s fees. Additionally, when you arrive at your new place, you will likely realise that you need to buy some furniture to suit the home. Whether it’s because your new house is bigger, smaller, or just different, your old furniture may no longer be the best fit for the property. Add some allowance for buying new furniture soon after moving in.

7.     Storage

There are many reasons that people might get a self-storage unit when they are moving. If you’re downsizing, you may no longer have room to keep everything in your home. In this case, you can put seasonal items into storage so you can access them whenever you need to. This might include things like ski and snowboard equipment that you obviously won’t use year-round.

Another time that people get storage units is when they aren’t moving permanently. If you’re planning on coming back in a year, why would you move all of your things across the country? Simply put your bulkier items into storage for when you return. Then, you don’t need to pay to move everything you own just to have to pay again to move it back. Take a look at various self-storage rentals to find out what the cost might be, and add this to your moving budget if necessary.

8.     Assorted Other Costs

You can never really know all the costs associated with moving until you do it! So, make sure that there is wriggle room in your moving budget for anything extra you may have to pay for. For example, if you don’t have time to unpack your kitchen items right away, you might be living off takeaways for a while after you first move. Other costs can include childcare, pet care, last-minute repairs on your home, and essentials for the new place such as toilet paper and lightbulbs!

Ready to move into your new home but don’t have the energy to shift everything yourself? Leave it to the experts. Give EasyMove a call today, and we’ll get it sorted.

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