Moving Checklist: How to Find Boxes for Moving and More

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If you’re about to move and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. That’s why we’ve put together this moving checklist to make your next move a whole lot simpler. By following this structure and ensuring that you check off everything on this list, you’ll be ready for the big day. This moving checklist covers everything from choosing furniture removalists in Melbourne to finding boxes for moving to how to find a mover.

The Month Before

The month before you go is the right time to start organising for your impending move. Whether it’s an office move, home move, or anything else, it’s never too early to start getting ready. Here’s what to do:

o Find A Mover

First things first, you need to find furniture removalists in Melbourne that you can trust not to damage your precious belongings. Here at Easymove, we wrap, pack, and lift your possessions, taking care not to damage anything. We pledge to treat your belongings as though they were our own, making sure that nothing gets scratched or dented along the way. Book in our services a month before to hopefully lock in your ideal moving date.

o Declutter

Before you start packing up all of your stuff, you should decide what you want to take. If you are the type of person that has stuff lying around at home that you haven’t used in years, it’s time to declutter. Why pay to have stuff moved that you don’t even use anymore?

While you do this, you could start packing up items that you don’t use often. This could include gardening tools, bakeware, and anything in your garage. Whatever you won’t use between now and your move next month, pack it!

o Furniture Storage

As you embark on the decluttering process, you may find that there is furniture you don’t use anymore. Or maybe you have realised that it just won’t fit at your new place. Don’t want to sell excess furniture and not sure what to do with it? Easymove are prestige removalists who provide furniture storage in Melbourne. We’ll arrange a low-cost storage option, pick up your furniture, and take it to the storage facility. It couldn’t be easier to find storage in Melbourne!

o Inform Others

There will be certain people and companies you need to inform of your move. Hopefully, you’ve already told your friends and family but there are more people than that to consider.

If you’re moving cities, you will need to start cancelling any local memberships you have. This might include your gym membership, yoga class, golf membership, or meal box delivery service.

Don’t forget to let your child’s school know about your move and enrol them in a new one in the new location. Consider what else you may need to cancel or change due to your move.

The Week Before

The week before a big move is going to be the busiest. It’s time to start organising, packing, and more!

o Packing and Boxes for Moving

The first step before you can start packing in earnest is to find boxes for moving all of your stuff in. This can be a challenge, causing you to trail around numerous supermarkets and bottle shops trying to find boxes. Packing up an entire home or office, however, requires a whole heap of boxes!

Your best bet is to book your move with Easymove, and we will provide you with boxes for moving completely free of charge. That’s the benefit of going with prestige removalists; just return them afterwards and you won’t pay a cent!

Once you’ve found your boxes for moving, you can get started on sorting and packing up your belongings. We recommend organising the items by room so that you can find them easily later. Label every box with the name of the room and the category of the contents. For example, ‘living room – books’.

o Important Documents

When everything is all packed up, it can be a huge hassle to find important documents and items such as your birth certificate, passport, or marriage certificate. Keep these important items together in one place and write down on your phone where that place is. That way you can be sure that even if it takes you a long time to unpack, you know where all the important stuff is when you need it.
You may not be expecting to need any of those for months, but you never know what will come up when you move. Perhaps when you start your new job they will ask for your ID; it will be helpful then to know where it is.

On the Day

On the day it’s going to be a blur of movers, driving, and last-minute cleaning. Here are a few tips for what not to forget.

o Clean Out Your Fridge

The most common thing that gets forgotten during a move is emptying your fridge and freezer. Hopefully, you’ve been trying to use up this food before moving. If not, you can’t leave it for the new owners to find! Either pack it in an esky to take to your new place or donate or bin it. Then remember to clean the inside of the fridge.

o Cleaning

You will need to clean your property from top to bottom for the new owners. This can’t be properly completed until all of your furniture and moving boxes are out of the way. If you don’t have the time or energy for cleaning on moving day when you have so much else to worry about, you’re not alone. That’s why Easymove also provides end of lease cleaning. Enjoy the benefits of choosing prestige removalists and get us to clean out your place so that you don’t have to worry about it!

If you need furniture removalists in Melbourne, look no further than Easymove. We are here to assist however you would like with your next move. Whether you need furniture storage in Melbourne, boxes for moving, or end of lease cleaning, we do it all. Contact us today for a quote.

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