Moving with Friends and Family Using a Professional Removalist Company

Having to manage a whole home relocation on your own is stressful as is, and when moving with friends and/or family this stress can be even greater due to all the different personalities, needs and ages of those involved. This stress can be especially pronounced if you’re moving with children, as they can be very resistant to change and find the day challenging. To give yourselves the best chance of a smooth move it is important to plan your day smart, with lots of preparation.

Make sure the kids know whats happening, and when. The more information the kids have the more secure and included they will feel. Some can actually handle home relocations well, but many do find it very difficult. If you’re moving with other adults, be they friends or family members then it is important to also be very open about the move, assign responsibilities clearly, and work towards the same timeline.

In preparation for moving with your friends and /or family, EasyMove Removals recommends the following steps to be taken, prior to relocation:

  • Discuss the move with your friends and family well in advance,
  • Make sure you all agree on the best date for you all,
  • Work together to select the best removalist company, and
  • Choose a company that is fast, reliable, friendly, and affordable- just like EasyMove Removals!

If you are moving with friends we recommend that each of you are responsible for your own bedrooms, and then dividing the remaining rooms amongst you for an even split of the preparatory work. If you’re moving with children, preparing them for this day is key. You can ask them to help with their rooms but they may be very overwhelmbed.

On Your Moving Day

  • A great tip of ours is to get your kids to think of your moving day kind of a sleepover, an exciting event. Pack them a “sleepover bag” of their necessary items, such as their mobile phone, charger, spare clothes and toiletries. Make it fun!
  • If you are moving with friends then all divide the responsibilities evenly between you all. Make sure all rooms are covered.
  • Keep drinks and healthy snacks on hand to dip into during the day. An esky or cold pack is ideal for keeping food and water cool until the refrigerator is ready for use at the new place. Protein bars are great for keeping up energy in a tasty, easily transportable way.
  • Assign individual roles to each friend or family member involved in the move.
  • If you have younger children, please let your removalists know:
    • We completely get that your babies and/or your toddlers will have very specific needs. We want to do everything in our power to make sure they’re comfortable. As the day can be very busy, if possible, we do recommend that babies and very young children are not involved in the moving process. We suggest asking a friend or relative to take care of your young ones for the day, as this can be much less stressful for the child, and for you.

One other major consideration when moving is your family pet(s). EasyMove removals are more than happy to help here, we love being entrusted to move your fur babies! We will take care of your furry friends as if they are our own, and will deliver them as soon as is convenient for you. Pets are great to help make the new house feel far more familiar, to both children and to adults.

Once you’re in your new home: celebrate! Moving is seriously hungry work (we would know!) and if you’re a big group of friends or family you will all be absolutely ravenous at the end of the day. To avoid the stress of not having dinner, having a pre-organised dinner ready, or ordering take out is a great idea! Definitely make sure you all take time to celebrate a successful move into your new home.

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