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Moving With Stairs – How to Do it the Easy Way

If you have stairs in your home, then you will vividly remember the struggle it was to move in. Lugging huge, heavy pieces of furniture up a flight (or three!) of stairs is no one’s idea of fun. Learn how moving with stairs can be made much easier with a little help from Melbourne removalists.

Plan it Out

Well ahead of moving day, take a look at everything in your home and consider what may be most challenging to move downstairs. Measure the staircase as well as your items to check that they will fit down. You may have to adjust the angle you move items at to make sure that they can make it all the way down. Of course, if you’ve hired Melbourne removalists, they will deal with all of this for you.

Ensure that if you’re moving with stairs, you have enough people to help you carry down each item. Particularly heavy pieces may require 3 or more people to move them safely.

Equipment for Moving with Stairs


A dolly is one of those hand trucks on wheels that you can slide under an item and leverage to lift up even heavy furniture with ease. We recommend getting access to one of these for moving day, as this will enable you to much more easily move items up and down stairs.

Simply get the box or furniture onto the bed of the dolly, and secure it tightly with straps so that it will stay there as you move. Back slowly down the stairs, moving the dolly gently down one step at a time. Hopefully, your item will stay in place!

Moving Straps

Get yourself some moving straps before the big day – you won’t regret it! These helpful harnesses assist you in lifting heavier items than you’d otherwise be able to pick up. Attach the strap under the item, and use this to lift it. This will be a two-person job – and make sure that whoever is stronger is the one that goes first, backing down the stairs. If you’ve hired Melbourne removalists, they’ll likely show up with these to help move the items.


A sturdy blanket can be your best friend when you’re moving with stairs. This can be used to sort of slide your furniture down the stairs without too much effort. Do it by slipping a blanket underneath the furniture and picking it up with the excess fabric on either side.

Extra Tips for Moving with Stairs

Protect the Stairs

It’s important that you don’t damage the stairs as you leave your home – otherwise, the new owner might be a little upset! You can protect your stairs by covering them with sheets, blankets, stair runners, or any other fabric you have lying around. This can save not only mud and dirt getting on them but also scratches and chips on the wood.

Break Down Items

If you have any furniture that you can break down into smaller pieces, do it! The lighter the pieces are, the easier it will be to move them down the stairs. Any kitset furniture should be taken apart and moved down the stairs in smaller pieces.

Even taking the legs off a table or arms off a chair can make these items much less awkward to lift and move downstairs, reducing the risk of injury.

Lift Safely

Moving with stairs can easily cause injury if you aren’t careful (or even if you are!). Make sure that you bend your knees, and lift with your legs to avoid wrenching your back. Go slowly down the stairs – it may be tempting to get the move over as quickly as possible, but if it results in you getting injured, your move will take a lot longer than expected anyway!

Get Some Help From Melbourne Removalists

If the process of moving with stairs is daunting to you, you’re not alone. There’s a lot that can go wrong, from dropped items to injuries, or even damaging the stairs! That’s why many people choose to hire Melbourne removalists like Easymove to lend a helping hand.

Leave the heavy lifting up to the experts – our team of Melbourne removalists know what they are doing when it comes to moving items downstairs. Plus, we’ll arrive with all of the equipment required to do it safely. This can save you plenty of time and money in sourcing all of the equipment you’ll need.

On moving day, you’ll already have a lot to do and worry about without the added stress of moving huge furniture items down the stairs. Let us handle it all for you and enjoy a relaxing moving day without the headache! Contact us today to discuss your moving needs. One of our friendly team would be happy to offer advice on how many movers you need to book when moving with stairs.

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