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5 of the Best Office Relocation Tips

Office moves are a time-consuming process due to the sheer volume of items an office building usually contains. Get EasyMove to help with your next office relocation to save your staff the time and stress involved.

5 Office Relocation Tips

  • Put Someone in Charge

As the boss, you don’t have time to deal with all of the tiny logistics that come with an office relocation. Delegate this work and appoint someone to be in charge of the move. They will be responsible for ensuring that the move goes smoothly and every task is taken care of. Anyone who is well-organised is a good choice, whether that’s an administrator or project manager you have on your team.

  • Follow a Checklist

Creating a checklist to follow for your office move can save you a lot of time. As you’ll have a written sequence of tasks to follow, it also prevents you from missing out anything you should have done. You can find plenty of office moving checklists online that you can then edit to create one unique to your needs.

  • Use Packing Services

Your staff shouldn’t have to pack up more than their own desks when you’re moving offices. Not only will it take them away from their work, but they are likely to be less than thrilled about it. Find office movers who provide packing services and take this task off your employees’ to-do lists.

  • Keep Everyone Informed

Remember that many staff will find moving offices a stressful and tense experience. By keeping everyone in the loop as much as possible, you can dissipate some of this worry and anxiety. The more your staff know about the move, the better.

For example, make sure that you communicate the moving date as soon as possible so that staff can plan their work around this disruption.

  • Let People Work From Home on Moving Day

Moving day is going to be hectic – you’ll have movers traipsing in and out of the office, not to mention that everyone’s desks will likely already be packed up. In advance, let your staff know that they should work from home on that day.

If that’s not possible, then why not give them the day off? They deserve a break during this stressful moving period. This will help to boost staff morale as well, especially if not everyone is thrilled about the relocation.

Why Use Office Relocation Services?

Don’t Add to Your Staff’s Workload

Your employees have enough on their plates without adding an office move into the mix. So that they can keep delivering excellent service to your customers, bring in experienced movers to complete the move.

This means that your staff won’t need to lift a finger to move offices. All they need to do is keep working hard and show up at the new premises once we’ve completed the move.

Simplify Moving Offices

An office move can take months and months of planning. You’ll need to decide how and when you’re going to move the truckloads of stuff you need to be shifted. Then there is packing and wrapping up delicate items, as well as unloading at the other end.

Make the office move less stressful for both you and your staff by using EasyMove’s experienced team of movers. We can handle all of the packing and transport for you, making it easier to get everything moved efficiently.

Get Back to Work Faster

You likely can’t afford much disruption to your employees’ work. Get them back to work faster by having everything unloaded where it needs to go at the new location. We can put every desk in place, making sure that all items are set up where you need them. Then, when your staff arrive, they can get back to work quickly without trying to locate their desks or boxes of items.

Keep Your Items Safe

The last thing you need during an office move is for someone inexperienced to drop a valuable item while moving it out of the office. Keep your company’s possessions safe by hiring a team of movers who know what they are doing.

We are not only the experts in loading a moving truck to prevent damage to the items inside, but we also have plenty of experience with moving heavy or awkward items without the risk of dropping them.


In many cases, your possessions can be moved more safely if they are disassembled first. Our movers can take apart these types of items before shifting them and then put them back together for you at the other end. This could save your staff from hours of time spent figuring out how to take pieces of furniture apart and then reassemble them.

How EasyMove Can Help with Office Relocations

Here at EasyMove, we have a team of experienced movers on standby, ready to help with your office move. We can efficiently come in to pack up your office, clear everything out, and transport it to your new location.

We take care to safely move your heavy machinery and furniture such as printers and desks to make sure that they arrive at your new premises in the same condition they left it. We are experts at helping to make office moves seamless and easy for your staff, so there’s no stress even through this process of upheaval.

Let’s Talk About Your Office Relocation Needs

If you want to save your staff from the distraction of packing up the office and moving everything to a new location, get in touch. EasyMove would love to simplify your upcoming office move and get everything shifted safely and securely for you.

Get your staff back to work faster at your new premises with our assistance. Give us a call today to find out more about our range of office relocation services.

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