PART 1 – Our Moving Checklist For Updating Providers

Hey There! Welcome to our very comprehensive checklist of providers to notify of your big move and/or your new address. I’ve divided the checklist into both government and private. Some providers on the list will only need to know that you’re moving.. and as you go through the list, you will see why.

Now, let’s talk more about notifying your providers of your big move and/or your new address. Below is the government provider checklist. My next post will cover private providers. You just need to skim through and tick them off as you have contacted them.. or cross them off if they don’t apply to you and your fellow dwellers.. whether they be your family, friends or housemates.

The Government Provider Checklist

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

There are five ways to update your address details with the ATO. Two include having a myGov account – – linked to the ATO, or ATO App which can be done online and two are offline – via phone & downloading & posting a completed Change of details for individuals form.

Australian Electoral Commission

Although you can change your address online, you have to be living in your new property for at least a month to enrol.


A couple of options here – Via your myGov account or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. Has to be completed within 14 days of you changing your address.


Change your address via your myGov account, Medicare Express Plus App, or call or email Services Australia.

Health screening programs & registers

Via Medicare re: ‘DonateLife’.


Re: ‘DonateLife’.

Other State-based organisations

Such as

NSW: Transport for NSW (Roads And Maritime Services) –

Victoria: VicRoads (Department of Transport) –

Queensland: Department of Transport & Main Roads –

South Australia: Department for Infrastructure & Transport –

Western Australia: Department of Transport –

Tasmania: Transport Tasmania (Department of State Growth) –

Australian Capital Territory: Road Transport Authority (Access Canberra) –

Northern Territory: Motor Vehicle Registry

You’ll need an account with the relevant organisation, to change your address online.


Three options here: Online via your state’s customer service centre, Student Portal or call.

Your (existing or new) local council

For rate payments & if you’re moving to another local government area and you have a pet (cat or dog).

My Pet Warehouse says “There are some exceptions to registration, depending on your council. Guide dogs, guard dogs and service dogs for example are classified differently in different states. Cats also don’t always need to be registered, although every council recommends microchipping both your cat and dog as a responsible pet owner, regardless of their current laws surrounding registration. Small animals, birds and fish can be declared and in some states they may require a permit but generally speaking they do not require registration. As always, please use this as a primary guide and follow up with your own local council for the most up to date information.”

Update your address via an online form or in person by visiting their customer service centre.

Your existing or new ambulance provider

Online via your state government’s customer service website.

Veteran’s Affairs

Four ways: Online at the department’s website, phone, in person at any of their offices, or post.

Our next post will cover private providers and we’ll also take a look at Australia Post’s handy and time-saving redirect and hold mail service via their ‘Manage your mail’ page .. so keep your eyes peeled for that one! Until then, you can start working on this government provider checklist..

Plus, when you’re ready for your big move, you can contact us via our website –, phone, or email. As our name promises, EasyMove Services offers an easy move, so get in touch, today!

With The Comprehensive EasyMove Services Checklist Of Providers, You Can't Go Wrong!
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