PART 2 – EasyMove Introduces Two Calculators You Can’t Move Without!

The Furniture Volume Calculator (FVC) is the second of two practical calculators that we have on the EasyMove Services (EMS) website. Welcome to our second post on the two powerful calculators you can’t move without and which are the Local & Regional Jobs – Quote Calculator & the FVC.

Oh, what a great device this is! The FVC provides you with two overall options.. let me explain.. you can measure your furniture for a total cubic metre value or go through our convenient list on the EMS website to get a cubic metre result – to select which size truck you need from our fleet and if need be, how many.

Now, let’s think about that for a minute. There is no more guesswork in organising how many trucks.. and their size.. that you require for your big move.

A Detailed Dive Into The Furniture Volume Calculator –

The FVC is structured in two parts:

1) Estimated Volume – this is fairly straightforward – all you do here is measure the length, width and height of each furniture or item that will move with you to get a cubic metre result. OK, quick maths lesson here and by the way you don’t need to remember this as its on the EMS website: Multiply all three values, the formula will be: (length x width x height = m3). Do this for each piece of furniture and item that you will be taking.. then add up.. to get a total cubic metre figure.

2) This part doesn’t really have a title, but I’d describe it as a Room Per Room Summary of what you will take: by all means that ugly couch can stay, if the new inhabitants don’t mind, that is! So, here, the EMS website lists each room of a typical house and if you think having a two-lane bowling alley in your house is run-of-the-mill.. like Lady Gaga has in her house in Malibu – then we’re in trouble!

Seriously, though, our FVC has three bedrooms, two living rooms, two lounges, dining, kitchen, hallway, laundry, ‘packed’, two outdoor and sundries segments with the furniture and items listed underneath. Here, you just enter the number of each piece of furniture and items that you have – they are listed by type – and our FVC will deliver a total cubic metre result. Of all your stuff. To move.

Personally I find this would be the easier option and by that I mean the less work for you to calculate as you don’t need to measure anything here.. just list the furniture and items.

Just to remind you, both the FVC and the Local & Regional Jobs – Quote Calculator are found on the EMS website. Both of these handy calculators are only some of the unique features that you get when using EMS – and I will talk about our other features and how they will benefit you and your big move, going forward.

You can contact us via our website, phone, or email. As our name promises, EMS offers an easy move, so get in touch, today!

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EasyMove Services – The Furniture Volume Calculator
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