PART 2 – Our Moving Checklist For Updating Providers

Welcome to our second post on our very comprehensive checklist of providers to notify of your big move and/or your new address. In our first post of this series, we listed government providers. This post covers private providers. Some providers on the list will only need to know that you’re moving.. and as you go through the list, you will see why.

Now, let’s talk more about notifying your providers of your big move and/or your new address. Below is the private provider checklist. You just need to skim through and tick them off as you have contacted them.. or cross them off if they don’t apply to you and your fellow dwellers.. whether they be your family, friends or housemates.

The most convenient way to contact each provider is by going to their site online and changing your address on your profile/personal details page or via email – they will advise accordingly of anything else you may have to do.

The Private Provider Checklist

Child care, Day care, After care facilities, Preschool


Limited tenure Interment Rights: What this means is reserving your final, permanent address that is your grave or memorial spot – may expire. Tenure varies with each cemetery and with the legislation of each state government. If you’re uncontactable, during this time, your spot can then be relinquished!



Sporting, extra-curricular, etc.

Other extra-curricular activities


The most tactful way to contact family & friends is by speaking to them: either in person or via phone!


RE: Above

General practitioner/Doctor

This is to request that your records be forwarded to your new provider.

Other healthcare practitioners (psychologist, paediatrician, dentist, orthodontist, optometrist, chiropractor, veterinarian)

And for the same reason above.

Hire purchase providers

Legal representatives

Lawyers & solicitors

Online retailers

Pay T.V. providers

Personal trainer

Real Estate Agent

Security systems

Home alarm, guards, vehicle tracking

Schools & tertiary institutions

Store cards & loyalty programmes

Subscription services

Newspaper, magazine, wine clubs, etc.

Telecommunications providers (phone & internet)

 Telstra –, Optus –, TPG/Vodafone –,,, etc.

Toll tags

Your –


Energy (electricity & gas) company

Origin Energy – , AGL –, Energy Australia –, etc.

Water provider

Sydney, Melbourne, South Australian Water Corporations, etc.

Local library

Private health insurance company

Medibank –, Bupa –, HCF –

Financial institution or bank

ANZ –, Commonwealth Bank of Australia –, Westpac –, National Australia Bank –, etc.

Loan providers

Mortgage, personal, etc.

Financial advisor

Superannuation fund

Other insurance companies (vehicle, home, contents, pet, etc.)

Very important as any potential future claims can be denied.



Local gym

To cancel your existing membership if you can’t transfer to the same gym as part of a franchise.

Our next post will cover Australia Post’s handy and time-saving redirect and hold mail service via their ‘Manage your mail’ page. and we’ll also talk about your NBN connection with NBN Co .. to avoid disruption to your internet service.. so be on the alert for that one! Until then, you can start working on this private provider checklist..

Plus, when you’re ready to move, you can contact us via our website –, phone, or email. As our name promises, EasyMove Services offers an easy move, so get in touch, today!

With The Comprehensive EasyMove Services Checklist Of Providers, You Can't Go Wrong!

PART 2 – Our Comprehensive EasyMove Services Checklist For Updating Providers
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