PART 4 – Our Moving Checklist For Updating Providers

In our fourth Checklist For Updating Providers post, we talk about what has become an every day and vital service that we all can’t live without: the internet.. in other words, your NBN connection with NBN Co.

This is the last post in our series of notifying all providers of your big move and/or your new address. Our previous posts in this series covered the convenient and time-saving redirect and hold mail service provided by Australia Post, as well as a checklist of both government and private providers to notify of your big move and/or your new address.

So, if you happened to miss our first three posts in this series – here are the links:

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According to an article published in the Guardian in May 2022, “The Coalition and NBN Co declared the rollout of the then $51billion network complete in 2020. There are now 12.1 million homes able to connect, and 8.5million homes on the NBN.”

Considering that there are 10.9 million dwellings in Australia and this includes both houses, flats & other places.. chances are, that your new address is part of the 78% that has already been connected via the NBN rollout.

If you simply want to make the most of your connection, choose another ‘powered’ plan or view the technology used – here’s the link to the NBN Co’s website:

Their website is actually quite intuitive which makes it all the more easier to navigate –

  • On the home page, type in the address you’ll be moving to, then click on View Results.
  •  The next page delivers options such as: Optimise your experience at home, Phone and internet providers, Network outages, Technology used in your connection, etc. Don’t worry about these for now, we may rebound back to these later.. So, scroll down to Moving into this address? & click on Learn more >
  • The next page will either will deliver the good news on how your new premises are connected to services over the nbn network then you View details. If that’s the case then you don’t have to do anything.. unless you’d like to make certain changes such as: improving your connection with the tips provided, or choosing a different provider for a plan that’s more customised, or if already connected, further information on the technology used.
  • If you need to arrange a connection to nbn network services, you’ll need to contact your preferred internet provider (Telstra, Optus, TPG/Vodafone, etc.) – to help you purchase a nbn ‘powered’ plan – and get connected. You won’t be able to do this via NBN Co’s website, because NBN Co is a wholesaler.

And, in the rare case that your new dwelling can’t connect to nbn, there are other broadband options. The key here is to go to either your existing or explore other providers for answers. I will explore this in another post, however for now, this link should help you out –

Contact NBN Co directly if you have issues such as –

Damage to property or nbn equipment

The location of nbn equipment & technology

It’s also important to remember.. and a legal requirement.. when you’re moving to leave nbn supplied equipment behind.. that includes the connection box and cables. If you find out that the nbn supplied equipment has been removed at your new address, contact your internet provider for reinstallation.

NBN Co’s site also offers in-depth information for property developers, businesses, renovators and for modifying or relocating nbn supplied equipment or cabling.

In conclusion, I hope this post has provided further information about your NBN connection at your new and old addresses and how to navigate NBN Co’s easy to use website.

Oh.. and remember, you can contact us via our website, phone, or email. As our name promises, EasyMove Services offers an easy move, so get in touch, today!

Your NBN connection with NBN Co can be easily sorted out with your preferred internet provider, if not already.  A vital service to include on your checklist!
PART 4 – Our Comprehensive EasyMove Services Checklist For Updating Providers
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