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Pool Table Movers Melbourne

Got a pool table in your shed or undercover in your outdoor entertaining area, and need to have it moved to your new home or place of business? Due to the excessive size and weight, not to mention the delicate nature of the cloth, you want to take the highest level of care with this item. That’s why you should organise a mover to relocate your pool table to your new property. That’s where Melbourne’s highly experienced and reliable pool table movers EasyMove Services comes in. We make the pool table removal process look easy. We will ensure your pool table remains completely protected while in transit. Then we safely unload it from our truck in the same condition as it was loaded by our pool table removalists.

Pool & Billiards Table Removals for All Table Sizes

EasyMove Services provides pool and billiards table removals Melbourne-wide. We offer this service to all manner of personal and commercial clients. From the family who is moving home and taking their pool table with them, to a pool hall that’s relocating their business, we do it all.

Pool tables come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how heavy or awkward yours is to lift and carry, we can get the job done. Our team are the experts in handling difficult items, even when they are extremely heavy. With fantastic problem-solving skills, our team can move anything, even your pool table.

Why Are Pool Tables Difficult to Move?

Something that many of our clients ask us is why are pool tables so difficult to move? Often, they have tried and failed to move them on their own. They usually didn’t realise quite how heavy the table was and thought they could manage it on their own.

The reason that pool tables are so hard to move is because of what they are made from. While the legs and parts that you see are often made of wood, the table itself is usually MDF or slate. If yours is made from slate, this accounts for why it is so ridiculously heavy! It’s likely to be one heavy, thick slab of slate that lies beneath the pool table covering.

Then you’ve got the pool table cloth, most often made of wool. While this doesn’t add weight to the table, it does make moving it a delicate process. The last thing you want is for this covering to get a snag or hole in it. If this happens, you will need to get the whole thing recovered! So, don’t take the chance of moving the table yourself. Get the experts in and we’ll take care to ensure that your pool table arrives in exactly the state it left in.

Pool Table Moving for Businesses

If you’re a business that owns multiple pool tables that need relocating from the old to the new premises, we’re here to help. We will arrive and securely stack the tables in our van with protection in between. Then we’ll transport them to your new premises and unload them in the perfect spot. No need for you and your staff to do all of that heavy lifting yourself! It’s much safer for you and your staff to call in the experts. Our team are highly experienced in safe lifting techniques for heavy furniture so that no one injures themselves.

Pool Table Moving for Residential Homes

Looking at buying a pool table but not sure how you will actually get it to your home? Or maybe you have one and you’re looking at moving it somewhere else. Either way, EasyMove is here to help. We offer pool table moving services whether you’re moving it a short distance or to another property. Don’t put out your back trying to lift it yourself, just get us in to do it for you.


Contact Us to Arrange Your Pool Table Move

Call EasyMove Services today to enquire about a no-obligation quote when you need a pool table relocated from point A to point B. Rest assured that we can accommodate the needs of all customers in Melbourne that require affordable yet high-quality pool table removalists.

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