Easymove’s Premium Moving Services

Premium moving services are here to make your upcoming move less stressful. Are you someone who dreads moving? Lifting all of those heavy boxes full of books and crockery can be back-breaking work. That’s not to mention all of the furniture that needs to be lifted and rotated to get through doors and onto a trailer.

It’s not only moving day that’s hard, it’s the weeks leading up to it. First, you need to source a myriad of boxes that are enough to pack up your entire house or office. Then you need to painstaking wrap everything breakable and put them in the boxes. Then there’s labelling everything to make sure you know where all of your belongings are.

But there’s an easier way! Hire Easymove to help with your next move because we are premium removalists who can help you with everything from packing to cleaning, and so much more!

Easymove’s Premium Moving Services

We have a number of ways to make moving easier and less stressful for you. Then you can get onto enjoying unpacking at your new property and the excitement of moving! So, what premium moving services do we offer our valued clients?

Free Boxes

Rather than trekking around finding boxes to use for your possessions, let us provide you with boxes free of cost. That’s one of the many benefits you will get from coming to Melbourne’s finest removalists for all of your moving needs.

Simply pick up your boxes a few weeks before the big day so that you have plenty of time to pack up your stuff. We’ll pick up and transport the boxes to your new place, taking care with all of your precious belongings. Then we set them all down in the correct rooms to simplify your unpacking.

After you’re finished unpacking, just return the boxes to us so we can pass them on to the next customer. Eventually, when they have suffered too much wear and tear, we send them off to be recycled. This is not only great for saving you time and money but for the environment as well.


Can’t be bothered packing up your office or home? It’s a daunting task when you have years’ worth of stuff that needs to be dealt with. Well, that’s why you should choose to hire premium removalists like Easymove!

As part of our premium moving services, we will pack up everything for you. We will carefully wrap anything breakable and cover delicate items in bubble wrap to keep them protected. Then we will put it all in boxes and move it for you. Moving couldn’t be easier than with the help of our friendly team of moving experts.


We understand that you don’t want to spend time cleaning up your previous home or office when you could be unpacking at the new place. That’s why you should get high end movers who will do the cleaning for you.

We will come in and thoroughly clean any property from head to toe, leaving it sparkling clean. Whether it’s an end of lease clean, or you just want to leave the home beautiful for its new owners, we will clean the place to perfection. Windows, carpets, cobwebs – we do it all. Head off to your new place without even a second thought thanks to our premium moving services.


When you’re moving a lot of stuff from one place to another, it’s common to begin unpacking and realise that not everything fits. Maybe you’re downsizing or the room shapes are just different, and you can’t fit in all of your furniture.

Don’t worry, that’s why you’ve come to us! We can help you out by organising low-cost storage for any items or furniture that you don’t need in your new property. Then we will transport them there, so you don’t have to deal with it on moving day. This is a hassle-free way of getting your old furniture out of the way until you decide what you’re going to do with it.

Furniture Reassembly

Putting together flat-pack furniture is no one’s idea of a good time – except for our high end movers, that is. We have a team of moving experts who are there to help you with anything you need. That includes furniture reassembly at no extra charge.

So, if you needed to disassemble some of your furniture so that it could be moved, you won’t need to worry about putting it back together again. Just get one of our friendly team to do it for you. We do this all the time so even if you’ve lost the instructions, our wonderful crew will be able to figure it out for you.

Pool Table and Piano Movers

Even if you have awkward and heavy items to move, our experienced team will have no trouble helping you out. They are fantastic problem solvers who will come up with a solution for moving anything and everything.

That’s why we are commonly booked to move pianos, pool tables, and more. People know that we’ll make it happen no matter how difficult the object is. You can book us in even if you only need one item moved. So, whether it’s an entire office relocation or just one thing, we do it all.

Melbourne’s Finest Removalists

If you’re over movers that don’t show up on time, damage your stuff, and aren’t reliable, you need to switch to Melbourne’s finest removalists – Easymove. We are a family-owned company with small beginnings who have got to where we are today through sheer hard work and providing quality premium moving services.

If you need commercial office movers or house movers in Melbourne, we’re your go-to company. We pride ourselves on taking extreme care with all of your belongings, wrapping up absolutely everything that needs it to keep your stuff in top condition.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you move. Make sure that you book in soon to snap up your preferred moving date, as our limited slots are filling up extremely fast!A

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