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Office removals in Melbourne

Moving offices is, unfortunately, sometimes a necessary evil. Maybe you’re upgrading offices because you have too many staff now for your space. Perhaps you’re moving to a better location or downsizing. Regardless of why you’re doing it, moving offices can be a tricky time. There’s a ton of stuff to get moved, plus it causes a lot of unease and stress for your staff. That’s if you perform the move yourself – luckily EasyMove provide office removals in Melbourne to make your life easier!

Office Moving Tips

Plan Ahead

There’s nothing more stressful for your employees than not being sure of what’s happening. You can provide certainty for them and set yourself up for a seamless move by creating a plan of action. You should start doing this even as far out as 6 months ahead of your moving date.

Part of this plan should include designing a floor plan for how you will use the space in your new office location. This way, you can share this with the office movers so that they know where to put everything. Your staff will need to be involved in this, as everyone is going to have an opinion. It’s better to get buy-in early on and have everyone involved in the decision-making process rather than having a whole team of unhappy employees later.

Create a Checklist for Your Team

To ensure that everyone is on the same page with their responsibilities regarding the move, create a checklist. This can be distributed to each staff member so that they know what they need to get done before the move. You could include things such as:

  • clean out your desk
  • pack up your desk items
  • bubble-wrap electronics


Of course, you will have your own checklist detailing the larger aspects of the move. You need to decide how many desks are needed at your new premises, what equipment to take with you, whether you need to buy new furniture. You will also need to sort out where the different departments will set up in the building.

Other tasks might include:

  • finding commercial office movers
  • confirming and signing a new lease
  • creating a budget for the move
  • defining IT requirements for the new building
  • backing up files before moving servers
  • cancel services from previous space (e.g. internet, power)
  • external announcements to clients and stakeholders including the new address


Label All Boxes

To make unpacking at your new premises much faster and simpler, label all of your boxes. This may seem like a time-consuming task but, trust us, it will save you time later on! Get each employee to put their name on their boxes, plus what’s in them. Then, when the movers unload the boxes at the other end, they can put them on the right desks.

When your staff start unpacking, they will know what’s in the boxes and what they need to unpack first to start working. This can help them start working as normal again much faster! Otherwise, you can end up spending hours searching through boxes for just one necessary item.

Why Use Commercial Office Movers?

You may have noticed that this article assumes that you’re enlisting the services of commercial office movers. There’s a reason for that – it just makes sense! If you’re moving offices, don’t expect your staff to do all the heavy lifting. Shifting offices is stressful enough for them. They are trying to keep on top of their work as well as preparing for the big move. Don’t make them lift enormous heavy boxes too!

You’ll notice that productivity is much better when you use professional moving services instead. It allows your staff to focus on their work and you can rely on the movers to shift everything with no hassle and no damage.

Professional Moving Services

Here at EasyMove, we provide a range of professional moving services for those who require office removals in Melbourne. Our offerings are designed to help you move with ease and efficiency. Take advantage of choosing luxury movers with services such as:

Furniture Removals

No more struggling and straining to lift that massive office couch! Our expert movers make it look easy to move your furniture. They come prepared with all of the equipment and techniques required to safely lift even the heaviest of objects. Let us do the hard work for you while you focus on making sure that your business doesn’t miss a step while you’re moving.

End of Lease Cleaning

If you were leasing your previous office, you’ll need to get cleaners in to do an end of lease cleaning. Rather than organising yet another thing, let us take this one off your to-do list. We can do your end of lease cleaning for you. We’ll have the place spick and span so that your landlord will be pleased with how sparkling clean it is when they come for their inspection. We’ve done this for plenty of other companies so you know that we are trusted to complete a thorough clean that your landlord will be happy with.


Many bosses feel that their employees’ time can be better spent on their work rather than packing up their desks. That’s why we offer packing services along with our professional moving services. Your staff can simply leave their desks the day before moving day without doing anything for the move. We’ll come in, pack up their office equipment, label it, and put the boxes on the corresponding desks at the new location. They can simply come in and quickly unpack before getting back to work! This makes for an extremely efficient and fast moving process where you don’t lose employee time to the move.

Choose EasyMove


Choose EasyMove for your next move if you want it to go off without a hitch. Give us a call today to discuss your moving needs and find out how we can help you. Or, if you’re ready to book, you can do that online via our booking form. Book now to make the life of your employees easier.


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