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A popular request lately for removalists in Melbourne is whether they are able to complete within house relocations. Moving heavy objects yourself leaves you at risk of inflicting a strain or injury upon yourself, even if you’re just moving them across your house. Many people would rather avoid this risk by enlisting professional moving services instead.

What is Within House Relocation?

Within house relocation is exactly what it sounds like – the relocation of your items within the same house. You may be surprised by how often removalists in Melbourne are called upon to lend their heavy lifting skills for within house relocations.

Whether it’s because of the weight of the items, the size of them, or the difficulty of getting them out of their current location, within house relocation can be a tricky job. Narrow hallways and stairs are significant contributors to families needing help relocating items within their own homes. Or you may be concerned about injuring yourself or not being able to bear the weight of the furniture you’re moving. No matter the reason, it’s a great idea to get help if you need it.

What Could I Use Within House Relocation Services For?

Switching Rooms with Ease

People may need help with an in-house relocation if they have children switching bedrooms. Rather than lugging the beds between rooms and trying to lift heavy dressers, many families choose to leave it to the professionals. Hiring professional moving services means you aren’t putting yourself at risk of putting your back out when moving things around.

Rearrange Furniture

Even swapping over the positions of the piano and the couch in a living room can be a mammoth task for many people. Many families contact us simply to help them rearrange the furniture in their home. Dining tables, freezers, and couches can all be tricky items to move without help.

Transport Heavy Items

Others use professional moving services within their own home when they need heavy or awkward objects moved. Perhaps you’re considering a pool table move to a room across the other side of the house. This can be one of the most challenging objects to move, as it’s not only surprisingly heavy but also too large for one person to move easily on their own. It may need to be turned onto its side to get through doors and hallways, making the job even more challenging.

Getting Belongings Up and Down Stairs

The final most common reason that people need removalists in Melbourne for at home moving is that people struggle to move items up and down the stairs. Often for families in two-storey homes, the furniture stays on the floor it was put on when they moved in because it’s too hard to get it up or down the stairs. If you need a piano, bed, or wardrobe moved up and down the stairs, it’s wise to leave it to the experts. We will come with all of the equipment needed to make the process as easy as possible.

Planning for Within House Relocation with Removalists in Melbourne

1. Book Professional Moving Services

Decide what date would best suit you to have these items moved and book in as soon as possible, as our available slots fill up quickly. Moving on a weekday can be more cost-effective, and these slots are often available sooner than a time on the weekend.

2. Clear the Space

If you’re hiring professional moving services to move items within your house, the movers will need plenty of space to get it done. Clean out the rooms you are moving the object from and to so that movers can easily get the item in and out of doorways. Also, consider clearing out the hallway or any spaces between. The rooms don’t need to be completely empty, but make sure you’re giving the movers as much space as possible to work with. This will make the task much easier and faster.

3. Clearly Explain What Needs to be Moved

Write out a detailed plan of exactly what you need to be moved and which room you need it in. List out the items and write down or draw where they are now and where you want them in their new location. This ensures that there will be no miscommunication about what to move or where you want it moved to. The last thing you want to do is leave out a detail and end up with an item in the wrong corner of the room, meaning you’ll need to relocate it yourself after all!

4. Leave the Premises

On the day, greet the move, and then make sure that you stay out of the way! Many clients choose to leave the house while we are moving their items around, as this means they don’t feel stuck in one room while we are completing the job. This can mean that we complete the work sooner, and if your kids and pets are out of the house, this is safer for everyone. A pet getting underfoot while the movers are working has the potential to result in disaster!

How EasyMove Can Help

EasyMove is here to help with your next within house relocation. We come with everything we require to complete a heavy furniture move. That means you don’t need to locate a dolly or floor coverings if they will be required – we have all the equipment in our van, ready to use at your place. All you need to do is book, let us know what to move and where you want it, and leave it all up to us!

We also provide furniture assembly services, so if you’ve bought a flat pack kit that you need to be moved and assembled, we’d be happy to help you out. If you are moving things around and need to get some furniture out of the house, we also offer furniture storage services, either short-term or long-term, depending on your requirements. That way, you can access your furniture should you need it, but it will be out of the way and not cluttering up your home.

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