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Self-Storage Units – All the Handy Details You Should Know

Whether you’re downsizing, have run out of space in the garage, or have too many seasonal items, self-storage storage units can be a great solution. EasyMove can help you locate one and offer a non-contact moving option to shift your possessions in there without any hassle.

Renting a storage unit allows you to keep belongings that you don’t often use out of sight and out of mind. However, there are some limits to what you can and can’t put in a storage unit – keep reading to find out what they are.

When to Use Self-Storage Units

Your House Gets Sold

Storage units can be incredibly useful in a range of situations. When you’re moving house, for example. Many people find themselves in the situation of selling their home before they can find a new one to purchase. The challenge with this is figuring out what to do with all of your belongings while you’re in temporary accommodation. A self-storage unit can make things much easier in this situation!


If your children have all left home and you’ve decided it’s time to downsize and get a smaller place, this can present a challenge. What can you do with all of your belongings that won’t fit in your new home? You won’t want to get rid of things that hold sentimental value or furniture that you may want to pass on one day, so you can keep these things in a storage unit. That way, you can enjoy an uncluttered home but still keep everything that’s important to you.

Temporary Move

If you’re moving temporarily, it can be a hassle to bring everything you own with you to the new city. Instead, you can just keep it in a storage unit for when you return. This will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle, and your possessions will be ready and waiting for you when you come back. Just take the items with you that you’ll need in the time you’re gone and keep everything else in storage.

What to Keep in Your Storage Unit

Here are some of the things you might want to keep in your storage unit. It’s important to note that some of the below items may require storage units that are temperature and moisture controlled.

  • Furniture – Some things are just too good to let go of. Keep any furniture that won’t fit in your home in a storage unit so that you can access it whenever you want.
  • Seasonal Equipment – If you only kayak during the summer months, these types of items can take up lots of room in your garage. Put them in a storage unit when you’re not planning on using them for a few months to free up space. The same goes for anything seasonal such as tents, camping equipment, and fishing rods.
  • Vehicles – As long as your vehicle is registered and warranted, you can keep it in a storage unit. You might find it useful to keep your trailer or motorbike here if you don’t use them too often.
  • Books – Is your home starting to look a little like a library? Many book lovers can’t bear to part with their books, even though they may only reread them once each. Create your own personal library in your storage unit and keep your home uncluttered.
  • Wine – Don’t have a wine cellar? No problem! Most storage units are temperature-controlled and don’t have windows. Your wine can age gracefully in there until you’re ready to drink it. If you’re worried about transporting your wine, book luxury movers to give you a hand shifting it safely.

What Not to Keep in Your Storage Unit

Below is the list of items it’s recommended you don’t keep in a storage unit:

  • Living Items – Plants and pets do not fare well in self-storage units. These rooms usually don’t have any windows, as this can prevent your items from getting sun-damaged. Plants are therefore likely to die in the dark room. Hopefully, you would never consider keeping pets in there either!
  • Food – As you know, over time food will spoil and become rotten. If this occurs in your storage unit, all of your other belongings will be trapped in there with the lingering stench of decaying food. It’s not recommended to keep canned goods in there either, because it’s easy to forget about them, and they will spoil over time as well.
  • Wet or Damp Items – Wet or damp items present a similar problem to keeping food in the storage unit. They can cause a terrible smell that will seep into the rest of your possessions, especially any clothing you have in there. Additionally, wet or damp items may never get the chance to dry out and will become mouldy over time.
  • Money or Valuable Goods – While you are the only one who will have access to your self-storage unit, don’t leave items of value in there. Just to make sure that your money is safe, don’t keep it in a storage unit – put it in the bank. The same goes for any priceless or irreplaceable items. Keep them where you can keep an eye on them!
  • Hazardous Materials – Hazardous materials can suffer in less-than-ideal conditions, so don’t keep any flammable, toxic, or combustible goods in storage. Depending on what it is, the material may not last well in a dark, potentially damp space. If it explodes, the whole lot could go up in flames, so don’t keep anything hazardous in your unit. Examples of hazardous materials include fireworks, paint, oil, and chlorine.

Need Help Finding Self-Storage Units?

Easymove are luxury movers who are the pros at helping out with any of your moving needs. Whether that’s moving houses or offices, we’ve got you covered. We can also find and book affordable self-storage units for you, whether you need them for the long or short term. We’ll take care of it all, from finding a suitable unit to bringing your items there for you.

We even offer a non-contact moving option for the ultimate convenience. Contact Easymove today to find out more about the self-storage unit options we provide and how we can help with your next move!

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