7 Incredible Space-Saving Moving Tips for Students

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1.      Shelves Are Your Friend

Our first piece of advice is to take a look around your room and decide where you could add some shelves on the wall. As opposed to a freestanding bookcase or closet, shelves hung directly on the wall add plenty of storage space without taking up any precious square metres on the floor. They are not only practical but versatile – store anything on them from books to decorations and more! This will look so much tidier than stacking storage containers on the floor and leave you with plenty of extra room to move around.

2.      Carefully Select Your Bed

If you are considering buying a new bed, this is the perfect opportunity to make the most of the space in your room. Many student beds are low to the ground, taking up heaps of floor space in the room. Get smart when choosing your bed by selecting one that comes with drawers underneath.

These can be hard to find, however, so if you have a lack of options in your price range, always choose the bed that is highest off the ground and offers the most space underneath. Then you can simply head to the container store and find containers that will easily slot under it. This gives you room to store the items you need but maybe don’t use every day, such as spare blankets and towels.

3.      Swap Out Your Wardrobe

Ever been intrigued as to why some people change out their wardrobe seasonally? It’s all about space-saving! If you find that your closet and drawers are always tight for space, just leave one season’s worth of clothes in there and pack away the rest for the time being. This will make you feel as though you have a lot more room, so you can easily find the t-shirt you’re looking for when rifling through your drawers.

Putting the clothing in vacuum-sealed bags is an excellent way to reduce the amount of space your winter clothes take up when you put them away for the summer. These can easily sit on top of your wardrobe out of the way but are still easy enough to access if there is a cold snap. Or you could always grab some containers that fit under your bed to store these items.

4.      Organise Your Wardrobe Vertically

You may not have realised that it’s actually possible to organise your wardrobe vertically. Plenty of homeware stores sell vertical wardrobe organisers that can help to maximise the space in your closet. They usually hang from the bar at the top, folding out into additional shelves or cubbies. That way, you have some extra space for your non-hanging garments.

5.      Downsize Your Belongings

Next on our list of moving tips, if you’re really struggling to find enough space for everything in your room, it might be time to have a massive clear out. Declutter and donate any clothing you don’t wear anymore, sell old textbooks to make some extra cash, and throw out those dingy sheets with a hole in them. You don’t have the space to be able to keep all of these things that you’re simply not using, so it’s high time that you got rid of them!

You might be surprised by how much space you can create when you only keep the things that you actually use.

6.      Add Hooks Everywhere

Bags, winter jackets, and scarves are bulky items that it’s hard to find space for. In a small closet, they will quickly take up the entire rack! So, buy some removable sticky hooks that won’t damage your walls and go nuts putting them up around your room.

Great places to add some hooks that won’t make the area look too cluttered are on the back of the bedroom door as well as on the back of the closet door to utilise that extra space no one even considers!

7.      Hang Your Laundry Hamper

As a student, you likely don’t have a washing machine in your dorm. Whether you have to go to the laundromat or if your hall attendants come and collect it, you’ll accumulate a lot of washing before it gets cleaned. This usually means that you have a laundry hamper taking up precious space in your room. An easy solution is to hang up your laundry hamper. Simply buy a bag-style one with a handle and pop it on a hook on the back of your door. Or you can always hang it in your closet if you have the room. This way, you can still keep your washing all together without it taking up much space at all.

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Why not sit back, relax, and let our experienced movers do all of the hard work for you? We even have non-contact moving options and can complete end of lease cleans as well. If you’re moving from one flat to another, this service can be extremely handy to ensure that your landlord is happy with the state of the flat when you move out. Contact us today to find out more.

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