Sydney to Melbourne

Sydney to Melbourne

Here at EasyMove, we’ve got your Sydney to Melbourne move sorted. With the help of our professional moving services, take all the hassle out of your upcoming interstate move. We’ll meet you anywhere in Sydney to pack up our truck with your stuff and drop it at any location of your choice in Melbourne.

Moving from Sydney to Melbourne will be challenging enough, with changing jobs, changing schools, and the difficulty of familiarising with a new city. So, why not use our premium moving services to make it easier?

How Do You Move Interstate?

Driving from Sydney to Melbourne is not a short distance. Many people who move from one state to the other choose to make the journey over a couple of days, stopping overnight somewhere in between. Or you may decide to fly instead, which takes far less time – generally, it comes in at under an hour and a half.

Transporting your possessions is an entirely different question. You may consider looking into getting your items delivered to your new home via air freight. However, this can be extremely expensive and quite a hassle. After all, you will still need to pick it all up from a facility somewhere. So, why not take advantage of EasyMove’s interstate moving services instead? We can arrive with our 5-tonne truck to pick up everything you need moved and drive it over to Melbourne for you. This can be more cost-effective, and far easier to organise. Just give us a call to book in, and we’ll be there on the specified date at the time arranged.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Interstate?

Moving interstate is going to cost you more than moving across Sydney. A move to Melbourne will require more time in transit, and that’s really the main additional expense. The pricing for our interstate moving services works on a fixed basis. We most often charge a fixed cost for the move based on the number of bedrooms in your home. The more rooms you have, the more possessions you will need us to move, and the longer it will take us. The other choice is that if you require more than one moving van, we may charge a set amount based on the number of vans we’ll need to use for your relocation. Get in touch with us, and we can talk you through how much your move from Sydney to Melbourne could cost you.

How Long Does an Interstate Move Take?

There’s no doubt that moving from Sydney to Melbourne will take longer than if you had moved to another home in Sydney, due to the proximity. The journey is around 9 hours just of driving, not even counting rest stops. It’s best to allow a few days for the move, as you don’t want to rush it. You’ll need at least a day to get everything on the truck, a day to transport the items, and a day to unload; at minimum. Allowing more time can enable you to relax and not stress that the move is not yet completed.

What Do You Need to Do When Moving Interstate?

One of the essential things you will need to do is pack up your items extra securely. When you’re moving across town, it’s far less critical how safely you pack your belongings away because of the short distance. However, when moving from Sydney to Melbourne, your items will be in transit for quite a long time. That’s why you must be careful to use bubble wrap with any breakable items and put moving blankets around your furniture to prevent damage and scratches. If you’re not sure where to start, packing is one of the many premium moving services we offer here at EasyMove, so you can let our team do it for you.

Another factor will be what you pack away and what you put in your own car. Make sure that you set aside everything you will need for your journey, especially if you are stopping overnight on the way. In your car, put a spare change of clothes, toiletries, laptop, phone, chargers, and anything else you may need. You don’t want these placed in the van with the rest of your stuff, because you won’t be able to access them.

EasyMove’s Interstate Moving Services

Our fantastic crew of EasyMove movers can do far more than just doing the heavy lifting for you. We also provide end of lease cleaning services. After you’ve cleared out of your previous residence, cleaning is the absolute last thing that anyone wants to do. It can be time-consuming and can’t be done properly until everything is out. This can delay your move drastically, especially when you have to drive interstate. After cleaning, you may not arrive at your new home until extremely late in the day. Get us to do all the cleaning for you instead!

Got extra heavy items? No problem. Here at EasyMove, we specialise in pool table moves, piano moving, and more. We can bring with us all of the heavy-duty equipment required to move those weighty items that you can’t shift on your own. Protect your back and leave it to the experts.

We are also able to:

  • Do your packing for you – no need to spend weeks packing up your home. Let our experts do it instead and focus on arranging all the other aspects of the relocation.
  • Reassemble your furniture. A lot of furniture gets broken down before a move so that it fits better in the truck. However, when you get to your new home, reassembling flat packs is the last thing you feel like doing. So, let us do it for you.

Call us today to find out more about our interstate moving services. We are premium removalists who offer a wide range of options that can take the hassle out of your impending interstate move from Sydney to Melbourne.

Why Choose EasyMove for Your Move from Sydney to Melbourne

Our team here at EasyMove are a group of passionate, dedicated movers. They help Australians move house and move interstate every single day. So, there’s no doubt that they have the experience to do it right. You can trust that our movers will be careful with your possessions, treating them exactly as they would their own. Book in now for your interstate move from Sydney to Melbourne.

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