where to live in australia best cities

Where To Live In Australia – Top 4 Best Cities

Each area of Australia has its own unique attributes that make it an exciting place to live. In fact, you will have noticed that as you travel across Australia, each region is so different it may as well be its own country. From the tropical Daintree rainforest in the northern part of Queensland down to the dry plains of Tasmania, our stunning country has a lot of variety to offer.

Can’t decide where to live in Australia? Read this guide to the top 4 best cities to help you decide.

Where To Live In Australia – Top 4 Best Cities


Did you know that Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia? With so many occupants, it’s no wonder that it has a vibrant, bustling feel to it. Many people think of the city centre when they consider moving to Brisbane, but there are a lot of great suburban areas too if you don’t want to live in the middle of town. Many people considering where to live in Australia who hope to enjoy warm temperatures all year round choose to move to Brisbane.

Brisbane is a relatively affordable place to live compared to the other major cities in Australia. The only downside is that its parking prices are pretty high. But, there are plenty of stunning landscapes around the region and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef and Gold Coast. That’s why Brisbane makes this list of best cities in Australia.


Next on our list of best cities is Sydney. If excellent job opportunities are your priority, Sydney is a great place to live. It is home to many corporate headquarters, meaning that if you want the best jobs, this is where you’re most likely to find them. Families often live in the Northern Beaches Area, while young professionals and travellers are more fond of Western Sydney.

Sydney is famous worldwide for its opera house and incomparably beautiful beaches so close to the city. Once you’re done surfing or relaxing at Bondi Beach, head to the central district to visit some world-class restaurants and fun bars. However, this world-renowned status comes with the drawback of higher real estate prices. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, but that can be balanced out if you can find a great job here! Plus, public transport here is inexpensive, so you can save on some travel costs. 


When thinking about where to live in Australia, the capital, Canberra, is often overlooked – but it’s definitely one of the best cities! Canberra is an underrated city that’s home to parliament as well as around 400,000 residents. As it’s much smaller than Melbourne, it can almost seem like a small town by comparison.

House prices are lower in Canberra than in other cities, making it an attractive location for families and first time home buyers. Lake Burley Griffin is a popular weekend destination for those in the area, but you can’t overlook the inner city for some great restaurants and attractions. Plus, as hills and bush surround the town, there’s plenty of nature to explore if you like to stay active.


Melbourne is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Australia. Its laneways are known around the world for discovering hidden gems and eclectic street art. A strong love for art and culture brings together the residents of this city to its museums, galleries, and cultural events. That’s not all, though – there are so many things Melbourne is famous for, including excellent restaurants and plenty of sporting events.

St Kilda is a popular suburb amongst younger people thanks to its cool beachy vibe. Families are more likely to gravitate towards the suburban areas of Camberwell or Surrey Hills. While the cost of living in Melbourne is high, it’s not as expensive as Sydney, making it appealing for those who want a balance of city life without it costing the earth. If you’re deciding where to live in Australia based on the liveliness and vibrance of the city, Melbourne is one of the best cities to consider.

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