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Why Do So Many Australians Move Interstate?

With so many gorgeous places to live in Australia, how can you be expected to choose just one? There are so many wonderful beachside spots, country locales, and bustling cities to choose between. Every year, many Australians decide to switch it up. They pack up their entire lives to move interstate. But why is this such a popular choice in Australia?

Why Move Interstate?

Quality of Life

Many families decide to trade big city living for a rural lifestyle. The dream is to own a lifestyle block somewhere outside of town where you can enjoy a slower pace of life. With hours spent commuting to and from work each day and the stress and pressure of a corporate job, many people end up feeling completely burnt out. When that happens, they often start to think of considerable changes to their lifestyle. They may move out of town and even change their jobs.


The quality of schools in the area can be a huge factor for young families who make the decision to move interstate. If you are not happy with the choice of schools in your area, then that may be a factor if you were already considering moving to Melbourne or somewhere else. The education and happiness of your children, if you have them, will be paramount to your decision-making process.


Many cities in Australia have a high cost of living. If you are looking to stretch your money further, then you may consider a move interstate. Some of the more affordable areas to live in include the Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Hobart. That’s if you want to live in a city, but there are plenty of other cheaper areas as well, particularly out in the countryside.

Closer to Family

When heading off to attend university, many teenagers will move across the country without a second thought. However, as we get older, living near our family becomes even more critical. Whether it’s because your parents need someone to keep an eye on them or because you want them to know their grandchildren, there may be many reasons that this may be important to you.

For a Job

If you got offered a huge promotion that meant more money and you get to do exactly what you had hoped for, but it was halfway across the country, would you take it? Many people would make an interstate move based on job opportunities. Maybe you got your dream job, or your partner was offered a promotion – either way, this is a common reason for moving away.

What Are the Most Popular Interstate Moving Destinations?

If you’re thinking about moving to another state, you may be interested in which are the best places to move to in Australia. Here are some of our top picks:


For those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of living in a city but don’t enjoy too many crowds, Adelaide is the ideal compromise. It is still a city but isn’t as noisy or crowded as other options like Sydney or Melbourne. Additionally, Adelaide provides plenty to see and do, with numerous green spaces easily accessible from the city. Head to the Botanical Gardens to interact with nature or head over to Mount Lofty for a breathtaking view. One of Australia’s best wine regions, Barossa Valley, is not too far from Adelaide as well, providing the ideal option for a weekend escape.


Melbourne is often thought of as the cultural capital of Australia. It has a strong arts scene, ideal for those who love attending plays, heading to art galleries, or checking out street art. Plus, many of the biggest sports games are held there so you can spend your weekends going to the rugby or watching a cricket match. If you are not keen to live in the inner city, you’ll find that Melbourne has many appealing suburbs that may suit you. A world away from the city’s packed laneways, there are leafy family-oriented neighbourhoods with good schools for your kids.


Perth is tucked away on the west coast of Australia and is a city with a relaxed vibe. With stunning city parks, you will quickly fall in love with Perth. This city offers excellent job opportunities in technology, healthcare, and mining. Families love the year-round good weather and the incredible schools. Neighbourhoods such as Applecross and Victoria Park are popular due to the good schools nearby. The Perth Cultural Centre always has something new and exciting to see, whether it’s an opera, play, or concert.


If you’re after that big city lifestyle, then Sydney is for you. Its five million+ residents love it for many reasons. One of the main attractions is Sydney’s many famously beautiful beaches. Tourists and locals alike flock to these every time the sun shines, packing the shores. Families often move to the Northern Beaches Area for the nearby schools and beach lifestyle. However, it is really the ideal city for young professionals, especially those without children. Find an apartment in the city that’s just a short walk from work, and you can enjoy the many bars, restaurants, and cafes the central city has to offer its residents.

The Best Way to Move Interstate

Hiring movers is the best way to move interstate. You can’t beat the ease and convenience of not having to shift your own heavy boxes and furniture. Professional moving services will do all of the hard work for you, leaving you to hop on the plane to your new home.

If you’re moving to Melbourne or moving from Melbourne to somewhere else, you need Easymove’s professional moving services. We are an esteemed Melbourne moving company that specialise in interstate moves. We offer a full range of services, so we’ll do everything for you, from packing up your items safely into boxes to unloading them at the other end in your new state. We will even complete your end of lease clean for you if you’re excited to get out on the road and don’t have time to clean. Our experienced house removalists in Melbourne are ready to help you with your interstate move. Check out Easymove’s website for more information on our variety of moving services.

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